CLAS Dean's Medal

The Dean's Medal for Excellence in Liberal Arts and Sciences

A liberal arts and sciences education is about breadth of learning. This idea is enshrined in the University's general education requirements, and further elaborated by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences' (CLAS) basic distribution requirements. CLAS believes that the best preparation for success draws deeply across the full range of the college's offerings. The Dean's Medal takes this principle beyond the basic minimums that are required of all students, and recognizes those CLAS graduates who have gone above and beyond in their pursuit of knowledge in liberal arts and sciences. Earning the Dean's Medal affirms that medal winners have not only undertaken a significant range of courses, but have acquired the range of skills and experiences valued by graduate and professional schools, organizations, employers, and communities.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is proud to offer the Dean's Medal to graduating CLAS majors. Learn more about the requirements for earning the Medal, and the process by which graduating students can apply.

Dean's Medal for Excellence

The Dean's Medal for Excellence in Liberal Arts and Sciences

The obverse embraces the breadth and body of a liberal arts curriculum. The torch of knowledge lights the book of learning that is rewarded with the laurel of education. The Latin words—diversity, scholarship and generosity—describe the gifts education brings.

The reverse of the medal names the medal around the rim and includes images from the Great Seal of Florida and the University of Florida's seal.

The medal will be awarded with a gold and white ribbon representing the BA and BS degrees conferred by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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