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Peter Waylen is Professor of Geography. He served as department chair for seven years, was a member of the College Tenure and Promotion Committee, and serves on the Internal Research Advisory Board of the Emerging Pathogens Institute.

He holds a degree in Geography from the London School of Economics, England, and a doctorate from McMaster University, Canada. Waylen’s research focuses on global-scale phenomena, like the El Niņo-Southern Oscillation, which influence the occurrence of hydrologic and climatologic extreme events, and has been supported by the National Science Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, The Inter-American Institute and NASA.  He is author or co-author of over one hundred journal articles, book chapters and reports and has been a member of the International Geographic Union’s Working Group on Environmental Change and Extreme Hydrological Events, Visiting Scholar at the Department of Engineering Hydrology, University College, Galway, Ireland, and Hartley Visiting Fellow in the Department of Geography, University of Southampton, England.  He is a former CLAS and University of Florida Teacher of the Year and co-author of Exploring Physical Geography published by McGraw-Hill in 2014 - soon to be accompanied by Exploring Earth Science.

Recently Waylen has been collaborating with colleagues in Geography, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Wildlife Ecology, Environmental Engineering and the Emerging Pathogens Institute, on issues relating to the health of humans and ecosystems in southern Africa and Central America under conditions of climate and environmental change.

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