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What is CLASSC?

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Council (CLASSC) serves as a non-partisan resource for CLAS majors and as an advocate for student issues within the college. In addition, CLASSC provides funding for programs and travel to conferences for about 25 student organizations. CLASSC members have served as student representatives on the CLAS Teacher and Advisor of the Year Selection Committee, the Curriculum Committee and the CLAS Undergraduate Coordinators Committee. CLASSC is responsible for selecting the CLAS Hall of Fame recipients each year, and have recently undertaken such projects as the Majors Fair and Homecoming Parade floats for the college.

How do I become a member of CLASSC?

If you represent an organization and would like to be funded by CLASSC, please fill out an application. To be funded, your organization must be registered with the Student Activities Center on the 3rd Floor JWRU. After being approved by both the Executive and General Boards, your organization may recieve special request money through the college council system until the following year's budget is approved and put into effect.

If you do not represent an organization, you can start coming to our meetings and introduce yourself to the Executive Board or contact us at We often have projects in the works with which you can help.

May I obtain funding from sources other than CLASSC?

Yes! We strongly urge you to investigate other funding sources for your projects before requesting monies from CLASSC. Some suggestions:

Before speaking with BOCC or Accent, please talk to the CLASSC Executive Board.

What are some items/events that CLASSC cannot fund?

Who is supposed to sign off on the SARs?

The CLASSC President and Treasurer must approve every organizational SARs, even those requesting money from outside revenue lines. If the SAR is for money special requested from the Board of College Councils, then the BOCC President and Treasurer must appove the SARs.

How does my organization recieve a budget?

Due to the lack of extra funds that CLASSC has, we cannot give budgets to every new organization that becomes a member throughout the year. Instead they must special request money from BOCC until the budgeting process begins anew.

The budgeting process takes place in the spring semester, and establishes budgets for student organizations for the following academic year. The process is: a group completes the "SG Budget Disk", which is actually a downloadable Excel spreadsheet into which the budget request is entered. This organizational budget is submitted to CLASSC and reviewed at a budget hearing at which the CLASSC Executive Board can make sure all the requests meet Student Government codes. Once all the organizational budgets have been reviewed, they are then compiled into the CLASSC budget. Every college council budget request is then compiled into the BOCC budget request. This request is reviewed by the Budget Committee of the Student Senate, which eventually votes upon the committee's recommendation. At this point, the process reverses as budgets are distributed. Note that this funding, the amount of which is determined in April, does not become available until mid-August.

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