The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Councils provides the College Assembly with ten student members for the purpose of student voice. CLASSC acts as an advocate for student concerns and hub of information for college faculty and administration. For a Committee application click here (PDF)

The College Assembly and its committees are the agencies by which its members may collectively act in matters of concern to the whole College. The assembly meets at least once in the fall semester and at least once in the spring semester. Ten Liberal Arts and Sciences students shall be included in the assembly based on their seats in the sub-committees of the College Assembly.


Faculty Council

This committee was made after complaints about the Five Year Plan a couple of years ago. The College Faculty Council represents the faculty to the Dean on all matters of concern to the College. It shall have monthly meetings with the Dean. It shall be concerned with the College strategic plan, the welfare of the College Faculty, the full development and maturation of its students, and resource allocation. The College Faculty Council shall have power to create ad hoc committees to assist it in its tasks. The College Faculty Council shall annually review the state of shared governance in the College and report to the College Assembly. Based on this review it shall recommend appropriate changes in the policies and procedures of the College to the College Assembly. One undergraduate and one graduate student will serve on the committee.

College Finance Committee

The College Finance Committee represents the Faculty to the Dean on all financial matters of the College. The Dean shall inform and consult with the College Finance Committee on the construction and implementation of the College budget. The College Finance Committee shall review funding, allocations, and expenditures of the College and report to the College Assembly each semester of the academic year. One LS student shall serve on this committee.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for approving all changes in curriculum and for evaluating existing programs. The committee shall make periodic reports to the Faculty. This committee meets bi-monthly. Three LS students shall serve on this committee.

Undergraduate Coordinators Committee

The Undergraduate Coordinators Committee is responsible for initiating and reviewing College rules and regulations as they relate to students and making recommendations to the College Curriculum Committee or, when appropriate, to the College Faculty. Applicants must be active members of CLASSC to be considered for the four student seats in this committee.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee sets the time, place, and agenda for the meeting of the College Assembly. One LS student shall serve on this committee.

CLASSC Ad-Hoc Committees

Ad-Hoc committees are created by the President of CLASSC. The President is the head of all ad-hoc committees. Ad-Hoc Committees are formed for some special purpose. The committee automatically dissolves upon the completion of the specified task. For an ad-hoc committee application click here (PDF)

2010-2011 Committees

Constitution Committee: The constitution committee will work to revision the CLASSC constitution. They are to work to expand the current sections of the constitution to include the current state of the University and college. This committee will include four LS students.

Major’s Fair Committee: The Majors’ Fair committee will work in conjunction with the CLAS Advising office, CLAS Departments, and CLAS Ambassadors for the majors’ fair held in the spring semester. Their job will include any task presented to them by the stated contributors. This committee will include three LS students.

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