Bookbeat: June 2014

Media and Translation: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Media and Translation

Dror Abend-David, Lecturer in Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Available from Bloomsbury Publishing and Amazon.

Over the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in publications on media and translation. In fact, there are those who believe that so much has been published in this field that any further publications are superfluous. But if one views media and translation as anything ranging from film and television drama to news-casting, commercials, video games, web-pages and electronic street signs, it would seem that research in media and translation has barely scratched the surface.

The research in this field is shared largely by scholars in communication and translation studies, often without knowledge of each other or access to their respective methods of scholarship. This collection works to rectify this lack of communication by bringing such scholars together and creating a context for a theoretical discussion of the entire emerging field of Media and Translation, with a preference for theoretical work (rather than case studies) on translation and communications of various forms, and through various media.


"In addition to shedding new light on established forms of media translation, this volume presents research on more recent features of the multilingual media landscape, such as live subtitling with speech recognition, promotional trailers, and fan-generated spin-offs. With its broad cultural scope and its striking combination of aesthetic, linguistic, political, socio-economic and technological perspectives, the book takes the reader on an exciting intellectual adventure. Media and Translation should appeal to a broad readership in the Humanities and the Social Sciences generally, and to the Media Studies and Translation Studies communities in particular, convincingly demonstrating how much ground they share in today's intensely globalised, media-dominated and multilingual world." – Dirk Delabastita, Professor of English Literature and Literary Theory, University of Namur, Belgium, and Research Fellow, K.U. Leuven, Belgium

"In a babel of disciplinary voices, this book provides a thoughtful selection of essays that evidence the complexity of media translation and the wide variety of approaches it inspires. While there is a practical thread running through the whole book, the emphasis here is on understanding and theorizing, making it an essential contribution to translation studies." – Abé Markus Nornes, Department Chair of Screen Arts and Cultures and Professor of Asian Cinema, University of Michigan, USA

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