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Tackling the world's biggest problems — from finding medicines that cure disease to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and powering tomorrow's technology — requires scientific discovery and advancement. Chemistry is our best hope for solutions that will address those problems and provide for the needs of humankind. The Department of Chemistry at the University of Florida, as it has in the past, will play a major role in those discoveries if we unite in support of these goals during this opportune time. The support of generous benefactors will help make this vision a reality and assure that chemistry education and research at UF are as strong in the future as they have been in the past.

Click here for our naming opportunities brochure. A listing of all naming opportunities can also be found below.

  Naming Opportunities

Building and Chemistry Learning Center

  • New Chemistry/Chemical Biology Building ($15M) – The proposed new construction will include four full floors of laboratories, instructional space, office, and support space. A partial basement and a Penthouse are also planned. The building will fill most of the existing parking lot next to the Keene-Flint Auditorium and the Chemistry Laboratory Building. Approximately 100,000 sq. ft.
  • Chemistry Learning Center ($4M) – The Chemistry Learning Center (CLC) serves as a resource to Undergraduate Chemistry students for advising, tutoring, study sessions, and testing. 2,848 sq. ft.
  • Major Laboratory Space, Rooms, Lecture Hall

  • Atrium ($2M) – The Atrium fronts a two-story gallery of arched windows looking out onto the Buckman Drive sidewalk. In effect the building's interior "Main Street," the Learning Lounge gallery is a direct extension of the north entrance and runs the entire length of the First Floor General Chemistry teaching labs, providing direct access into the labs and connecting to the Buckman Drive entry at the south end.
  • General Chemistry Laboratory ($2M) – As the largest student occupancy in the building, with relatively limited fume hood needs, the General Chemistry Labs have been located on the ground level. Instruction from 256 students will occur in an open environment of 16 bays with 16 students per bay. Each bay will feature video projection, smart boards, and bench-mounted LCD screens. 10,291 sq. ft.
  • 2nd Floor Lecture Hall ($1M) – The south side of the Second Floor will feature a 111-seat Lecture Room and associated queuing and lounge space. 2,520 sq. ft.
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory ($1.5M) – Organic Chemistry instruction for 108 students will occur in an open environment of 6 pods of 18 students. The Organic Lab Prep Room runs along the east side of labs, connected by a service window. 7,805 sq. ft.
  • Chemical Biology Laboratory ($1.5M) – The twelve Chemical Biology labs on the Third Floor (and one on the Fourth) will accommodate a total of 91 users. An internal core of support rooms is flanked by the labs. This core includes equipment rooms, cold rooms, tissue culture rooms, and fume hood rooms. Approximately 7,500 sq. ft.
  • Synthesis Laboratory ($1.5M) – The Fourth Floor will contain the Synthesis labs, the most fume-hood intensive area of the facility. Similar to the Chemical Biology labs, glass-enclosed write-up rooms will flank the Synthesis labs on the east and west sides of the laboratory block. There will be nine Synthesis bays, accommodating a total of 54 users. Approximately 7,500 sq. ft.
  • Academic Rooms

    Other Naming Options

      In Appreciation

    Only with the private support of visionary benefactors can the Department of Chemistry contribute to the future of faculty members and thousands of individual students at the University of Florida, and to everyone who will benefit from the discoveries that emerge in our research labs. In appreciation for leadership gifts, we offer several naming opportunities, including the building and its labs. The Collegiate Gothic building will not only create a new campus landmark, but will create a prominent new gateway to campus on the highly visible corner of University Avenue and Buckman Drive.

    We appreciate your consideration of support and look forward to partnering with you for the benefit of generations to come.

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