New Chemical Biology Building

New Chemistry/Chemical Biology Building

The Department of Chemistry is at a critical juncture, having outgrown the obsolete facilities built in the 1920s. Existing facilities are now unsuitable for 21st century teaching and research and create far-reaching struggles. It becomes impossible to hire world-class faculty and advance their work, and important interdisciplinary research projects cannot be initiated or progressed. Additionally, undergraduate students are currently forced to double up in labs, which operate 14 hours each day. To remedy this urgent need, a new chemistry and chemical biology building has been carefully designed along with a renovation of existing facilities. Governor Scott proposed matching funds for buildings in the STEM disciplines, with every private dollar matched one-for-one by the State, and the Florida legislature has appropriated $15 million for the new UF Chemistry/Chemical Biology Building, with another $15 million anticipated in the next session. To turn the new building into a reality, we must raise $30 million dollars over the next two years. President Bernie Machen has indicated that this project is a University-level priority and has put the full weight of his office behind it. President Machen understands that the future of the University of Florida is dependent on having a strong science-based core, and he believes that it all begins with chemistry.

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