ALUMNI CLASnotes Fall, 1999


Private Money Creates Student Scholarships

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Heather DavisBecause undergraduate education remains a cornerstone of CLAS, one of the College's campaign priorities is to secure funding for new undergraduate scholarships. Presently, 12 types of undergraduate awards benefit over 90 students annually. The Peter J. Sones Scholarship, for example, provides $1,000 to up to three pre-med students each year who maintain a 3.8 GPA while majoring in one of the liberal arts (not a science).

Tampa native Peter Sones, who graduated from Emory undergraduate and medical schools and went on to serve on Emory's faculty, says he created the award to reflect his belief that a liberal arts education is an important broadening experience. "My background as a political science major has helped me both professionally and personally," says the Atlanta radiologist. "I owe a great debt to the college advisor who steered me toward liberal arts."

1999-2000 Sones Scholar Heather Davis (right) is a French major who believes that her CLAS background will be invaluable in the medical field. "I love hearing, reading, and speaking French. It is one of my passions," says Davis. "I think the key to becoming a successful doctor is being able to relate to others, treating each patient as unique. French is not only about a language, it's about people. [Studying French] has taught me to respect and admire other cultures and people."

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