ALUMNI CLASnotes Fall, 1999


Current CLAS Endowments

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Thomas B. Abbott Scholarship*
Anderson Scholar Fund*
Roger G. & Jo Bates Scholarship*
Meril S. Beers Scholarship
R. H. Bowers Endowed Fellowship*
Travel Fellowship in Bromeliad Systemics
Kenneth H. Byron Memorial Scholarship
Michael G. Cantonis Endowment in Greek Studies*
William G. Carleton Scholarship*
Chemistry Graduate Scholarship*
Evan and Rose Marie Coe Fellowship+
Jerome A. Connor Student Enrichment Fund*
Colonel Allen R. & Margaret G. Crow Scholarship & Fellowship Fund+
CLAS Dean's Scholarship*
Russell Corporation Endowed Scholarship*
Edward S. Danker Scholarship
Barbara A. Darling Scholarship++
Manning J. Dauer Fellowship*
Dallas C. Dickey Memorial Scholarship
James C. Dickinson Scholarship
Richard Ernst Scholarship
Patricia S. Essenpreis Scholarship
C.H. Fairbanks Scholarship*
John & Joan Fleming Graduate Fellowship for Life & Physical Sciences+
Florida Legislative Aides Scholarship*
Frazier-Tanner Scholarship
Stanley Davis/Milton Gaynor Scholarship++
Gary R. Gerson Discretionary Scholarship
Gary & Niety Gerson Presidential Scholarship*
Robin & Jean Gibson Fellowship Endowment*
John M. Goggin Memorial Scholarship*
Michael Hauptman Scholarship*
T. W. Herbert Fund*
Maurice Coffyn Holmes Memorial Scholarship+
A. A. Hopkins Memorial Scholarship*
E. Porter Horne Scholarship*
Zora Neale Hurston Fellowship*
Russell L. & Katherine D. Jaberg Scholarship++
Frank & Bunny Katz Summer Fellowship Fund +
Annette Kendall Katzoff Fellowship*
Kenneth & Janet Keene Endowed Fellowship*
E. C. Kirkland & M. Kirkland-Johns Scholarship*
Philip & David Kolko Memorial Scholarship*
Bonnie Kumar Memorial Fellowship
Herbert A. & Marjorie G. Laitinen Chemistry Scholarship++
Ted Landsman Endowed Fellowship*
Angelos C. Langadas Professorship/Scholarship in Greek Studies*+
Michael A. Lipsky Scholarship*
Madelyn Lockhart Fellowship in Women's Studies
William R. Maples Scholarship*
W. W. Massey Sr. Presidential Scholarship*
Mathematics Fellowship
Lyle McAlister Award
E. F. Malagodi Memorial Scholarship
McGinty Family Endowed Fund*++
Charles Vincent & Heidi Cole McLaughlin Scholarship*
O. Ruth McQuown Scholarship*
Joan S. Mendenhall Fellowship*
Aristotle & Basilios Michopoulos Scholarship*
Alton C. Morris Foklore Scholarship
Waldo W. Neikirk Scholarship Fund* ++
David L. Niddrie Memorial Scholarship
Hazen E. Nutter Scholarship*
Kitty Oliver Scholarship
Winifred Todd Parker Scholarship++
Herbert & Edith Peterson Endowed Fund*
Bridget Bernadette Phillips Scholarship
Pioneer Psychology Faculty Scholarship
Angelo P. Podes Scholarship*
Political Campaigning Fellowships
Rebecca Porter Fellowship in Creative Writing*
Edna L. Povey Scholarship*
President's Scholarship*
H. Douglas Price American Government Fund*
Jack & Celia Proctor Scholarship in History*
Samuel Proctor Fellowship in History*
Thomas G. Pye Scholarship*
Marshall A. Raff Scholarship*
Marjorie K. Rawlings-Baskin Endowment in English*
Albert G. Raybun Scholarship*
William and Arlene Ruegamer Scholarship Trust +
Earl & Ruth B. Sawyer Scholarship*
Susan Hitzler Schell Scholarship Fund*
Betty Schram Memorial Scholarship*
Norman Schulevitz Scholarship
Henry & Audrey Schumacher Scholarship++
T. A. Scott Memorial Scholarship*
Sisler Fellowship in Chemistry
Charles Wesley Moore Skerrett Scholarship+
Peter Sones Scholarship*+
Streib Award
Tybel Spivack Scholarship*++
Kenneth Thompson Fellowship++
Threadgill Scholarship Program*++
John E. & May B. Turlington Scholarship*
Linda D. Vance Fellowship in History*
Vaughn-Jordan Scholarship*
Robert C. Williamson Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship in Womens Studies (Anonymous) +
Alice Zirger Memorial Scholarship*

Charles E. & Dorothy J. Bennett Fund++
Chaired Professorship in Polymer Chemistry Fund*
William Calin Visiting Professorship+
Colonel Allen R. & Margaret G. Crow Professorship & Term Professorships+
Board of Associates Professorship Endowment*
Breier Visiting Fellow*
Andronicos Nicholas Cassas Memorial Professorship in Greek Studies*
Drago Professorship Endowment Fund*
Mikki & Morris Futernick Professorship*
Gary R. Gerson Visiting Professorship Fund #1*
Gary R. Gerson Visiting Professorship Fund #2*
Jean H. & Robin Gibson Term Professorship*
Greenbaum Family Visiting Professor Endowment*
Frank E. Harris Professorship++
Arthur M. & Violette Kahn Visiting Scholar*
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professorship Fund*
Levitt Professorship in Traumatic Brain Injury+
Mitchell Magid Term Professorship*
Mahon Teaching Award*
Melton Endowed Legislative Professorship*
William & Joan S. Mendenhall Professorships in Statistics++
Harry Rich Endowment in Holocaust Studies*
Tarrant Organic Chemistry Fund (in memory of Viola & Marian)*
R. David Thomas Endowed Legislative Professorship*
David L. Williams Term Professorship
Herb and Catherine Yardley Term Professorship
Professorship in Womens Studies (Anonymous)+

Manning Dauer Eminent Scholar Chair in Political Science*
Arthur Marshall Eminent Scholar Chair in Ecological Studies*
R. J. Milbauer Eminent Scholar Chair in History*
R. J. Milbauer Eminent Scholar Chair in English*
Theodore R. and Dianne S. Booher Eminent Scholar Chair in Analytical Chemistry +

Dr. Thomas & Donna D. McGinty Liberal Arts and Sciences Enhancement Fund++
Albert C. & Vanda N. O' Neill, Jr. Liberal Arts and Sciences Excellence Fund* +
Terry A. and Dorothy J. Smiljanich Liberal Arts and Sciences Endowment+

Advanced Study in Religion*
Anthropology Endowment*
Augustus Burns Memorial Lecture Series
Walter G. Campbell Leadership Award in Political Campaigning*
Michael G. Cantonis Endowment Fund in Greek Studies*
Chemistry Department Endowment*
Classics Enrichment*
Creative Writing Endowment*
Patricia H. Creel Memorial Fund
Colonel Allen R. & Margaret G. Crow Chemistry Library Fund+
Dauer Lecture Series*
William & Grace Dial Center for Written and Oral Communication++
John R. and Fawn T. Dunkle Geography Fund
John and Carolyn Dykes Endowment in Geology*
English Department Endowment*
Gene A. & Richard E. Garrett Fund*++
Drs. Vincent W. and Robert A. Giudice Memorial Fund+
Greek Studies Center Endowment*
Humanities Fund in History*
IMC-Agrico Geology Fund*
Professor William Jones Endowment*
Angelos C. Langadas Endowment for General Support of Greek Studies+
Robert A. and Phyllis Levitt Psychobiology Research Award
Melton Jewish Studies Fund*
Panush Judaica Fund*
George and Liberty Perry Endowment for Center of Greek Studies*
Polopolus Lecture Series*
Pound Human Identification Lab Endowment*
Pozzetta Memorial Fund
J. G. Saw Statistics Library Fund*
Norman Schulevitz Research Fund
Scudder Lectures Series*
Signature Endowment in Creative Writing*
Jon L. & Beverly A. Thompson Fund*
Frank D. Upchurch, Sr. Fund++
Wentworth Lecture Series
Robert Westman Unitrust++
David Levy Yulee Lecture Fund *

*=Endowed Funds
++=Planned Gifts

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