Development News  

What an exciting time we are living in!  The UF "It's Performance That Counts" Campaign has reached $320 million of its $500 million goal.   Many people are making decisions about their financial futures and including the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in their plans because of the prosperity which has increased in recent years.  

While most of the recent excitement has been positive, it is important to remember that we sometimes have recessions and years where we struggle to find enough revenue to pay for student instruction and basic research.  

Because of endowments like the ones listed below, created through the generosity of individuals and families, the College can provide a level of excellence during good times.  With continued support, a solid foundation will exist for the future when we experience cuts from the state legislature in our day-to-day funding of student instruction and leading-edge research.  

On behalf of the students and faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, thank you!!!  

Carter Boydstun 
Director of Development 


Thomas B. Abbott Scholarship* 
Anderson Scholar Fund* 
Roger G. & Jo Bates Scholarship* 
Meril S. Beers Scholarship 
R. H. Bowers Endowed Fellowship* 
Travel Fellowship in Bromeliad Systemics 
Kenneth H. Byron Memorial Scholarship 
Michael G. Cantonis Endowment in 
     Greek Studies* 
William G. Carleton Scholarship* 
Chemistry Graduate Scholarship* 
Evan and Rose Marie Coe Fellowship+ 
Jerome A. Connor Student Enrichment Fund* 
Colonel Allen R. & Margaret G. Crow 
     Scholarship & Fellowship Fund+ 
CLAS Dean's Scholarship* 
Russell Corporation Endowed Scholarship* 
Edward S. Danker Scholarship 
Barbara A. Darling Scholarship++ 
Manning J. Dauer Fellowship* 
Dallas C. Dickey Memorial Scholarship 
James C. Dickinson Scholarship 
Richard Ernst Scholarship 
Patricia S. Essenpreis Scholarship 
C.H. Fairbanks Scholarship* 
John & Joan Fleming Graduate Fellowship for Life 
     & Physical Sciences+ 
Florida Legislative Aides Scholarship* 
Frazier-Tanner Scholarship 
Stanley Davis/Milton Gaynor Scholarship++ 
Gary R. Gerson Discretionary Scholarship 
Gary & Niety Gerson Presidential Scholarship* 
Robin & Jean Gibson Fellowship Endowment* 
John M. Goggin Memorial Scholarship* 
Michael Hauptman Scholarship* 
T. W. Herbert Fund* 
Maurice Coffyn Holmes Memorial Scholarship+ 
A. A. Hopkins Memorial Scholarship* 
E. Porter Horne Scholarship* 
Zora Neale Hurston Fellowship* 
Russell L. & Katherine D. Jaberg Scholarship++ 
Annette Kendall Katzoff Fellowship* 
Kenneth & Janet Keene Endowed Fellowship* 
E. C. Kirkland & M. Kirkland-Johns Scholarship* 
Philip & David Kolko Memorial Scholarship* 
Bonnie Kumar Memorial Fellowship 
Herbert A. & Marjorie G. Laitinen Chemistry 
Ted Landsman Endowed Fellowship* 
Angelos C. Langadas Professorship/Scholarship 
      in Greek Studies*+ 
Robert A. and Phyllis Levitt Graduate Fellowship+ 
Michael A. Lipsky Scholarship* 
William R. Maples Scholarship* 
W. W. Massey Sr. Presidential Scholarship* 
Mathematics Fellowship 
Lyle McAlister Award 
E. F. Malagodi Memorial Scholarship 
McGinty Family Endowed Fund*++ 
Charles Vincent & Heidi Cole McLaughlin 
O. Ruth McQuown Scholarship* 
Joan S. Mendenhall Fellowship* 
Aristotle & Basilios Michopoulos Scholarship* 
Alton C. Morris Folklore Scholarship 
Waldo W. Neikirk Scholarship Fund++ 
David L. Niddrie Memorial Scholarship 
Hazen E. Nutter Scholarship* 
Kitty Oliver Scholarship 
Winifred Todd Parker Scholarship++ 
Herbert & Edith Peterson Endowed Fund* 
Bridget Bernadette Phillips Scholarship 
Pioneer Psychology Faculty Scholarship 
Angelo P. Podes Scholarship* 
Political Campaigning Fellowships 
Rebecca Porter Fellowship in Creative Writing* 
Edna L. Povey Scholarship* 
President's Scholarship* 
H. Douglas Price American Government Fund* 
Jack & Celia Proctor Scholarship in History* 
Samuel Proctor Fellowship in History* 
Thomas G. Pye Scholarship* 
Marshall A. Raff Scholarship* 
Marjorie K. Rawlings-Baskin Endowment in English* 
Albert G. Raybun Scholarship* 
William and Arlene Ruegamer Scholarship Trust + 
Earl & Ruth B. Sawyer Scholarship* 
Betty Schram Memorial Scholarship* 
Norman Schulevitz Scholarship 
Henry & Audrey Schumacher Scholarship++ 
T. A. Scott Memorial Scholarship* 
Sisler Fellowship in Chemistry 
Charles Wesley Moore Skerrett Scholarship+ 
Peter Sones Scholarship*+ 
Streib Award 
Tybel Spivack Scholarship*++ 
Threadgill Scholarship Program* 
John E. & May B. Turlington Scholarship* 
Linda D. Vance Fellowship in History* 
Vaughn-Jordan Scholarship* 
Robert C. Williamson Memorial Scholarship 
Scholarship in Women’s Studies (Anonymous) + 
Alice Zirger Memorial Scholarship* 


Charles E. & Dorothy J. Bennett Fund++ 
Chaired Professorship in Polymer Chemistry Fund* 
Colonel Allen R. & Margaret G. Crow 
      Professorship & Term Professorships+ 
Board of Associates Professorship Endowment* 
Breier Visiting Fellow* 
Andronicos Nicholas Cassas Memorial 
      Professorship in Greek Studies* 
Drago Professorship Endowment Fund* 
Mikki & Morris Futernick Professorship* 
Gary R. Gerson Visiting Professorship Fund #1* 
Gary R. Gerson Visiting Professorship Fund #2* 
Jean H. & Robin Gibson Term 
Greenbaum Family Visiting Professor Endowment* 
Arthur M. & Violette Kahn Visiting Scholar* 
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professorship Fund* 
Mitchell Magid Term Professorship* 
Mahon Teaching Award* 
Melton Endowed Legislative Professorship* 
Harry Rich Endowment in Holocaust Studies* 
Tarrant Organic Chemistry Fund (in memory of Viola & Marian)* 
R. David Thomas Endowed Legislative 
David L. Williams Term Professorship 
Herb and Catherine Yardley Term Professorship 
Professorship in Women’s Studies (Anonymous)+ 



Manning Dauer Eminent Scholar Chair in 
     Political Science* 
Arthur Marshall Eminent Scholar Chair in Ecological Studies* 
R. J. Milbauer Eminent Scholar Chair in History* 
R. J. Milbauer Eminent Scholar Chair in English* 
Theodore R. and Dianne S. Booher Eminent Scholar 
     Chair in Analytical Chemistry + 


Advanced Study in Religion* 
Anthropology Endowment* 
Michael G. Cantonis Endowment Fund 
     in Greek Studies* 
Chemistry Department Endowment* 
Classics Enrichment* 
Creative Writing Endowment* 
Patricia H. Creel Memorial Fund 
Colonel Allen R. & Margaret G. Crow 
      Chemistry Library Fund+ 
Dauer Lecture Series* 
English Department Endowment* 
Gene A. & Richard E. Garrett Fund*++ 
Greek Studies Center Endowment* 
Humanities Fund in History* 
Professor William Jones Endowment* 
Angelos C. Langadas Endowment for General Support 
      of Greek Studies+ 
Robert A. and Phyllis Levitt Psychobiology 
     Research Award 
Melton Jewish Studies Fund 
Albert C. and Vanda M. O’Neill, Jr. Liberal Arts and Sciences Excellence Fund* 
Panush Judaica Fund* 
Polopolus Lecture Series* 
Pound Human Identification Lab Endowment* 
Pozzetta Memorial Fund 
J. G. Saw Statistics Library Fund* 
Norman Schulevitz Research Fund 
Scudder Lectures Series* 
Signature Endowment in Creative Writing* 
Jon L. & Beverly A. Thompson Fund* 
Frank D. Upchurch, Sr. Fund++ 
Wentworth Lecture Series 
Robert Westman Unitrust++ 
David Levy Yulee Lecture Fund * 

*=Endowed Funds  
++=Planned Gifts 

To make a gift to the University of Florida College of Liberal Arts 
and Sciences:
Please make checks payable to University of Florida Foundation and return to Jane Gibson, Editor, Alumni CLAS notes, 2014 Turlington Hall, P.O. Box 117300, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL  32611.
Thank you for your support!