DONORS OF $100,000 
 American Chemical Society 
 Ford Foundation 
 John D. & Catherine T. 
     MacArthur Foundation 
 Pew Charitable Trusts 
 Sponsored Research-Misc. Donors 
 State of Florida, Comptroller Office 
$50,000 - $99,999
 William G. and Marie 
   Selby Foundation 
$10,000 - $49,999
 American Council of 
     Learned Societies 
 American Cancer Society, 
    Florida Division, Inc. 
 Michael G. Cantonis 
     Foundation, Inc. 
 Carnegie Corporation of New York 
 Daytona Beach Kennel Club 
 Dow Chemical 
     Company Foundation 
 Camille and Henry 
     Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. 
 Eastman Chemical Company 
 Exxon Education Foundation 
 Firmenich, SA 
 Ford Foundation 
 Futernick Family Foundation, Inc. 
 Hewlett-Packard Company 
 Hitachi Foundation 
 International Society of Nephrology 
 J & D Scientific 
Jefferson Revocable Trust 
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation 
Chase & Ann Lindbergh Found.
 National Geographic 
    Society,Comm. for Res. 
    and Exploration 
 Plenum Publishing Corporation 
 Retirement Research 
 Rhone-Poulenc Ag Company 
 Royal Swedish Academy of Science 
 Robert Russell 
     Memorial Foundation 
Scientific Instruments, Inc. 
Sensormatic Electronics Corp. 
 Social Science Research 
    Council, Inc. 
 Texaco, Inc. 
 University Of Dar Es Salaam 
 Uppsala Quantum Chemistry Group 
 Wentworth Foundation, Inc. 
 Wildlife Conservation Society 
$1000 - $9,999
 Abbott Laboratories 
 Adele Associates 
 Advanced Power 
    Systems International, Inc. 
 The African Academy of Sciences 
 Aluminum Company of America 
 American Anthropological Assn. 
 American Marketing & 
     Management, Inc. 
 Association for Tropical Lepidoptera 
 BellSouth Corporation 
 Blasland, Bouck & Lee, Inc. 
 G. A. Bruno Foundation 
 Chicago Zoological Society 
 E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Co. 
 Elf Aquitaine, Inc. 
 Elsevier Science Publisher 
 Eta Sigma Phi 
 Exxon Company, U.S.A 
 Fleeman Builders 
 Hamilton M. & Blanch C. 
     Forman Christian Foundation 
 Gainesville Jewish Appeal, Inc. 
 B. Milfred Gerson Trust Account 
 Goering's Book Center, Inc. 
 Hoechst Celanese Corporation 
 Holocaust Education 
     Foundation, The 
 IBM Corporation 
 Jewish Chautauqua Society 
 Max Kade Foundation, Inc. 
 Lincoln Park Zoological Society 
 Microbial Resources 
 Molecular Simulations, Inc. 
 Mutual of Omaha Companies 
 Nalorac Cryogenics Corporation 
 Norman Shulevitz Foundation 
 Oxford Instrument 
$1000 - $9,999 continued 
 Palm Beach Kennel Club 
 PCR, Inc. 
 Procter & Gamble Company 
 RGC (USA) Mineral Sands, Inc. 
 Harry Rich Family Foundation, Inc. 
 Specialty Coating Systems, Inc. 
 Carl S. Swisher Foundation, Inc. 
 John Templeton Foundation 
 Union Carbide Foundation, Inc. 
 University Book & Supply 
 Varian Associates, Inc. 
$500 - $999 
 A&N Corporation 
 Bayer Ag 
 Chemsys, Inc. 
 Dow Chemical 
    Company Foundation 
 Eli Lilly & Company Foundation 
 Fairbanks Armadillo Roast 
 Farchan Laboratories, Inc. 
 First Union Foundation 
 Flowers Chemical Laboratories 
 Harbor Branch Oceanographic 
     Institution, Inc. 
 Harcourt Brace & Company 
 IBM Corporation 
 McGraw-Hill, Companies 
 Merck & Co., Inc. 
 Merck Company Foundation 
 Merrill Lynch & Co. 
    Foundation, Inc. 
 Mount Olive Education 
    Center Project 
 Nalco Chemical Company 
 Price Waterhouse Foundation 
 Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society 
 State of Florida Medical 
    Examiner Office 
 Craven Thompson & 
    Associates, Inc. 
 University Athletic 
    Association, Inc. 
 Xerographic Academic 
   Publishing, Inc. 
 Xerographic Copy Centers 
$250 - $499 
 AlliedSignal Foundation, Inc. 
 BASF Corporation 
 Duval Foundation 
 Eastside High School 
 GEICO Philanthropic Foundation 
 Georgia-Pacific Corporation 
 GTE Foundation 
 Harris Foundation 
 Hellenic Student Association 
 ITW Foundation 
 Lockheed Martin Corporation 
 Medical Device Technologies, Inc. 
 Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
 Mutual of New York Foundation 
 Nanoptics, Inc. 
 New York Life Insurance Company 
 North American 
     Butterfly Association 
 Prudential Foundation 
 Sonat Foundation, Inc. 
 State Farm Companies Foundation 
 Teledyne, Inc. 
 Texaco Foundation 
 U.S. Army Central 
      Identification Laboratory 
$100 - $249 
 Alcan Aluminum Corporation 
 Alcoa Foundation 
 Alpha Metals 
 American Academy of 
       Forensic Sciences 
 American Registry of Pathology 
 Amoco Foundation, Incorporated 
 Anheuser-Busch Foundation 
 Barnett Banks, Inc. 
 Baxter Foundation 
 Behring Diagnostics, Inc. 
 Boeing Company 
 Book Gallery West, Inc. 
 Books, Inc. 
 Bridgestone/Firestone Trust 
 Bristol-Myers Squibb 
     Foundation, Inc. 
 Campbell Soup Foundation 
 Chase Manhattan Foundation 
 Coca-Cola Company 
 College of Journalism 
      and Communications 
 Corning Incorporated Foundation 
 Delta Air Lines Foundation 
 Entergy Operations, Incorporated 

 $100 - $249 continued 
 Ford Motor Company 
 General Motors Higher Education 
 Hewitt Associates 
 Hewlett-Packard Company 
 Hoffmann-La Roche, Incorporated 
 Household International, Inc.
 International Paper Company 
 ITT Industries, Inc. 
 John Wiley & Sons Limited 
 J.P. Morgan & Co., Incorporated 
 Keller Carpets, Inc. 
 The Law Source, Inc. 
 Sara Lee Foundation 
 Lucent Technologies 
 New York Times 
    Company Foundation 
 Northern Telecom, Incorporated 
 Omni Books 
 ORIX USA Corporation 
 Overseas Publishers 
     Assn. Amsterdam B.V. 
 Owens-Corning Foundation, Inc. 
 Radian International LLC 
 Raytheon Company 
 RJR Nabisco Foundation 
 Sandoz Corporation 
 Science Applications 
    International Corp. 
 Shell Oil Company Foundation 
 Stone & Webster, Incorporated 
 Sun Microsystems, Incorporated 
 Synquest Laboratories, Inc. 
 Towers Perrin 
 Unocal Foundation 
 US West Foundation, Inc. 
 Waste Management, Inc. 
 Westinghouse Foundation 
 Xerox Corporation 

   DONORS OF $25 - $99 
 AG Communication 
    Systems Foundation 
 Akzo America, Inc. 
 Albemarle Corporation 
 All That Jazz 
 Allstate Foundation 
 Alpha Epsilon Delta 
 American Board of 
     Forensic Anthropology, Inc. 
 American Home 
    Products Corporation 
 AT&T Foundation 
 Bechtel Foundation 
 BetzDearBorn Foundation 
 BMC Industries, Inc. 
 BP America, Incorporated 
 Chevron Corporation 
 Ciba Specialty Chemicals 
 CIGNA Foundation 
 The Citadel 
 CPC International, Incorporated 
 CSX Corporation 
 Direct Marketing Technology, Inc. 
 Dow Corning Corporation 
 Florida Sections AAPT 
 FMC Foundation 
 FPL Group Foundation, Inc. 
 Gannett Foundation 
 GE Fund 
 Hartford Insurance Group 
 Honeywell Foundation 
 ICI Americas, Inc. 
 International Paper 
     Company Foundation 
 KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation 
 Mallinckrodt, Inc. 
 Mallinckrodt Veterinary, Inc. 
 May Department Stores 
     Company Foundation 
 Medical Examiners Office 
     of Jacksonville 
 Minnesota Mining & 
     Manufacturing Found. 
 Monsanto Company 
 Motorola Foundation 
 Nationwide Insurance Foundation 
 NCR Corporation 
 Optical Polymer Research, Inc. 
 Osram Sylvania, Inc. 
 PPG Industries, Incorporated 
 Preprofessional Service Organization 
 Remarkable Journeys, Inc. 
 Rhone-Poulenc Ag Company 
 Salomon Foundation, Inc. 
 Sherwin-Williams Company 
 SmithKline Beecham 
 State Attorney 
 Tenet Healthcare Corporation 
 Texas Instruments Foundation 
 The Times Mirror Foundation 
 TRW Foundation 
 UNUM Foundation 
 White Apron Catering