Alumni News
Lt. Col. Edwin B. Weissinger lives in Dade City, Florida, where since 1983 he has been writing a sonnet each week to sum up world news.  He hopes to continue his weekly verse summaries through this century, publishing the most notable in one volume, to be entitled Twentieth Century Sonicles

Dolores Rose Cerra (Speech) is enjoying her retirement from the Circuit Court, Criminal Division, Miami, Florida.  She lives in Century Village. 

Richard J. Lanigan lives in Laurel, Florida, and recently published Kangaroo Express:  The Epic Story of the Submarine Growler, a collection of recollections of many of the men who served on the Growler during WWII. 

Lee Gramling (English) teaches humanities at the Ocala campuses of Central Florida Community College and St. Leo College.  He also travels to give talks about history on behalf of the Florida Humanities Council and continues to write "Cracker Westerns" for Pineapple Press. 

Lucia St. Clair Robson lives near Annapolis, where she published her fifth book, Mary's Land, a novel about the early settlement of Maryland. 

Suzanne Selig (Sociology) is currently a professor and director of the Health Care Department at the University of Michigan, Flint. 

James D. Brown (PhD, Zoology) is a Regional Ecologist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Conyers, Georgia. 

Peter Alan Mittenthall (BA, Psychology) recently joined Staitman, Snyder & Tannenbaum in Encino, CA, where he will continue his law practice specializing in the defense of premises, vehicular horse and sports claims.  He is also a successful rider in horse jumping competitions. 

Patricia Wickman (BA and MA, History) recently earned her PhD from the University of Miami in history, with a specialty in the Native American and Spanish colonial ethnohistory of the Southeast. 

Joseph L. Scarpaci (PhD, Geography), a professor of urban affairs and planning at Virginia Tech, just completed his fourth book, Havana:  Two Faces of the Antillean Metropolis (Wiley, 1997).  He was recently awarded a library research grant by the Center for Latin American Studies at UF, which he is using to carry out research on his forthcoming book, Plazas and Skyscrapers:  The Historic Transformation of the Latin American City Center (University of Arizona Press).

Mark Protheroe (Spanish) has been admitted to the doctoral program in Hispanic Studies at the University of Puerto Rico, where he will major in Spanish- 
American colonial literature.  Protheroe earned his MA from Texas A&M in 1996.  His thesis examined early accounts of Florida, Mexico, and the American Southwest. 

Steven Greenberg lives in Coral Springs where he has opened a practice in orthopaedic surgery. 

Winsome Lynn Hatton (English), co-founder of Parkerhouse, a Palm City-based video production company, expects to finish filming "Blue Jay", a love story set in South Florida, sometime this summer.  She plans to enter the film in the Florida Film Festival in Orlando. 

Kevin E. Jakab (History) was awarded the J. Seward Johnson, Sr.--James Madison Fellowship last May.  The fellowship, directed toward current and prospective teachers of American history and social studies, supports graduate study of the history and principles of the Constitution of the United States. 

CLAS Losses 
Dr. Murray D. Sigman ('37) died on November 21, 1997 at Jupiter Medical Center.  After serving his country in WWII as an Army Battalion Surgeon, he settled in Palm Beach County where he was on the staff of Good Samaritan and St. Mary's Hospitals.  He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Rita Boutot Sigman, his sister, Virginia Beals, six children, 13 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

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