$10,000 or more
DONORS OF $5,000,000 OR MORE
 Kenneth K. and Janet Keene
   DONORS OF $1,000,000 OR MORE
 Thomas and  Donna B. McGinty
 Paul Tarrant
   DONORS OF $500,000 OR MORE
William H. Dial 
   DONORS OF $100,000 OR MORE
 Angelos C. Langadas
 Robert A. and  Phyllis Levitt 
 Albert C. and  Vanda O'Neill, Jr.
 Jeanette Shepherd
 Hamilton D. Upchurch, Sr.
   DONORS OF $50,000 - $99,999
 Waldo W. Neikirk
   DONORS OF $10,000 - $49,999
 Roger G. and Jo J. Bates
 Wallace S. and Mary L. Brey, Jr. 
 Elizabeth B. Connor
 Gary R. Gerson
 Jodie Vincent Johnson
 Marjorie G. Laitinen
 Joseph I. Lipsky
 Margaret K. Maples
 William W. McGuire
 Robert G. and Joelen K. Merkel
 Robert J. Paterno
 John R. and Suzanne L. Price
 Steven P. Reznik
 Peter J. Sones, Jr.
 Jon L. and  Beverly Thompson
 Terrence J. Watterson