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The excellence of the University of Florida depends on the Liberal Arts and Sciences having strong graduate and undergraduate programs, a well supported faculty who demonstrates excellence in teaching and in research, a focus on key areas such as women's studies and gender research, and new and restored facilities that will provide students with the finest of learning environments.  Attaining the College's $45 million dollar goal in the "It's Performance That Counts" campaign will mean continued success in these four areas, securing UF a place among the nation's great universities. 
     We have already reached 65% of our goal, as the tables and lists on the next few pages illustrate.  The success of this campaign is proof that you, our alumni and friends, believe in what the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is doing to prepare students and to create the next level of scientific discovery.  During the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 1998, you recognized that the positive actions generated by giving make a difference for the University, CLAS and society in general.  On behalf of the students and faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, thank you! 

Carter Boydstun 
Senior Director of Development 

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Our fiscal year is July 1 to June 30. 
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