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Clifford E. Landers (BA, Political Science; PhD, Political Science, 1971) is a professor of political science at New Jersey City University and administrator of the Literary Division of the American Translators Association.  The translation of his twelfth Brazilian novel, Iracema, by the 19th century author Jose de Alencar, was just published by Oxford University Press.  

Donna E. Willoughby (Rhetoric and Public Address) retired in July 1997 after a 37-year career, first as a professor of English and speech, and later as an instructional dean at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California.  She now lives in Salmon, Idaho.  

Kirk Kirkconnell1965  
Kirk N. Kirkconnell - pictured at right (BA; JD, 1968) has been elected to the Florida Bar Board of Governors to represent the Ninth Judicial Circuit (Orange and Osceola counties).  He practices with the Winter Park firm of Kirkconnell, Lindsey, Snure and Henson, P.A., and is a trial lawyer specializing in criminal defense and personal injury.  

Clarissa Camfield Thomasson (MA, English) recently published Defending Hillsborough (Research Triangle Publishing), a historical fiction novel, (pictured below), based on the life of her great-grandmother who saved a Hillsborough, NC Inn from Sherman's troops during the Civil War.  


Henry Fonte (BA, English; MAT, Speech) is an associate professor of theatre in the Hartt School at the University of Hartford, and a freelance playwright and director.  

Randolph R. Cornelius (BA, Psychology) has just been promoted to full professor in the Department of Psychology at Vassar College.  He has recently published a book entitled The Science of Emotion: Research and Tradition in the Psychology of Emotion (Prentice-Hall).  
Jennie Doster  (pictured at right) is Executive Director of Excel Telecommunications in Lexington, Kentucky.  
Cindy Shellenberger Lederman (BA, Political Science) is the administrative judge of the Juvenile Division at the Juvenile Justice Center in Miami, Florida.  She was recently appointed to the National Research Council's new committee entitled, "Panel on Juvenile Crime, Prevention, Treatment and Control."  The 18-member panel, composed of scholars in the field of criminal justice, will analyze research in juvenile crime, highlighting key issues such as race, gender and class bias, impacts of deterrence, punishment and prevention strategies.  

Kenneth T. Wilkins (PhD, Zoology) was recently appointed associate dean of the Graduate School at Baylor University. He maintains a half-time appointment in the Department of Biology, where he has been a professor for 15 years.  

Mark Protheroe (BA, Spanish) is a doctoral student in Hispanic studies at the University of Puerto Rico.  He also teaches English for the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program, a federally-funded educational opportunity program for eligible science majors.  

Robin L. Denson (BA, Anthropology) received her PhD in marine archaeology from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland in 1995.  She is now assistant director of the Gulf Archaeology Research Institute located in Citrus County, Florida and pregnant with her first child.  

John V. Tucker (BA, Philosophy; JD, 1991) is practicing disability and health law in St. Petersburg with The Law Offices of Anderson and Tucker.  He was recently elected Secretary of the St. Petersburg Bar Association and Lieutenant Governor of the local Optimists Club, an organization devoted to youth projects.  

Rachel Fisher (BA, Political Science) married in 1997 and works for Blue Shield of California as a Sales Representative.  

Leon Couch (BS, Physics; BA, Mathematics; BM, Organ Performance) is an assistant professor of music at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.  He is also pursuing a DMA in organ performance and a PhD in music theory in the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati.  

Sylvia Newman (PhD, Romance Languages and Literatures) is an adjunct assistant professor of French at Davidson College in North Carolina.  She lives in Charlotte with her husband, David Newman (MD, 1988), and their three children.  

Alicia Salome Ellis (BA English and Sociology) received her MA in English from Penn State in May 1998 and has accepted a tenure track position in the Division of Humanities and Business Technology of Lexington Community College at the University of Kentucky.  

Beatriz Alvarado (MA, Latin American Studies) teaches French and Spanish at a private school in Atlanta.  

Large Turnout for 1998 Grand Guard Weekend   

Each Fall, CLAS hosts a weekend of activities for its "Grand Guard" alumni (all alumni who graduated more than 50 years ago).  Thanks in part to the end of WWII and the GI Bill, attendance at this year's Grand Guard festivities was markedly higher than the previous few years.  Attendees included Robert Atkins ('40), Richard L. Crago ('48), Harry P. Edwards ('38, '45), Melvin Fried ('48), Richard W. Gray ('48), Herbert J. Kay ('40), Richard M. Lovelace ('38), Dell Loyless ('48), Donna Meyers ('48), William E. Rion ('45, '50), Henry C. Skinner ('37), and Julian L. Williams ('40, '41).   

 Grand Guard luncheon
Harry Edwards ('38,'45) makes his way through the buffet at the Grand Guard luncheon, held on September 25.  Luncheon speakers included Dean Will Harrison, who gave the group a College update, and political science professor Ken Wald, who gave a presentation on religion and politics.   

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