1997 CLAS Dissertation Fellowship Winners

Each year CLAS invites students pursuing a Ph.D. to apply for dissertation fellowships for spring and summer terms. The following students received these awards and will receive a stipend of $3,150 per term, in addition to monies for tuition.

Gary & Niety Gerson Presidential Fellows

Karen Hjerpe - ANT
Igor Gornushkin - CHE
William Ruegg - ENG

Robin & Jean Gibson Fellows

Keith Grogan - AST
Ralph Savarese - ENG
Matthew Zorn - GEO
Caleb Finegan - HIS
Kurt Boniecki - PSY

W.W. Massey, Sr. Presidential Fellow

Patti Anderson - BOT

McGinty Family Fellow

Chris Reddick - BOT

Charles Vincent & Heidi Cole McClaughlin Fellows

Kathryn Curtis - GLY
Andrew Frank - HIS
Chithra Krishnamurthi - MAT
Peter Von Doepp - SOC
Goldie MacDonald - SOC
Timothy Young - ZOO

Hazen E. Nutter Fellows

Matt Smith - GLY
Hyeran Lee - LIN

Vanda & Albert C. O'Neill, Jr. Fellow

Warren McGovern - MAT

Russell Corporation Fellows

Stephen Thomas - PHY
Barbara Roth - POL

Threadgill Family Fellows

Jianzhong Li - PHY
Mike Campbell - PSY
Elizabeth Droppleman - RLL

Herb & Catherine Yardley Fellow

Ellen Anderson - ZOO