Greetings from Gainesville. At this writing, Gainesville is still at a high level of excitement over the success of the Florida Gator football team. What an auspicious start to 1997!

Even before the national championship, this was a year of high expectation. CLAS is experiencing a successful year from an academic perspective. We continue to attract the best of Florida's many outstanding students, with our only difficulty one of insufficient space for all of them. Our faculty are winning awards and grants at a rate we cannot begin to recite here. We also are taking the College at an increasing rate into the technological realm of teaching and research.

From language instruction to writing courses to science laboratories, we are introducing the latest computer equipment to enhance our instructional programs. Some of you helped us with timely gifts that made the difference in allowing these innovations to go forward. Instructional methodology is increasingly expensive, and we appreciate your support in augmenting what the state has been unable to do.

Another new initiative to which we wish to bring your attention is a special effort to reach you electronically. We have networked CLAS so faculty and students can communicate more extensively with each other. Our goal is to move toward a similar level of information exchange with our alumni. CLAS has an active home page (http://www.clas.ufl.edu), which we hope you will access regularly to see what is happening in this busy College. A digital camera image, updated every 15 seconds, will give you an almost live view of Turlington Plaza.

We are also in the process of developing an electronic newsletter, accessible from the CLAS home page. The hard-copy newsletter you are now reading serves a very real purpose, but mailing costs are so high that we are unable to reach you in this manner more than two times per year. Our intention is to update the electronic newsletter at least weekly, including text and color photos of CLAS developments.

We also hope to send directly to those who are interested a regular e-mail entry of CLAS news (e.g., UF classes on the Internet, curricular developments). So if you would like to join us, please send your e-mail address to (pace@clas.ufl.edu), and we will include you on our transmission list.

It has been an exciting year at UF. We hope that you also have had a good year and look forward to 1997 as we do. Thank you for all your support of this central College, which provides the core education for all Gators.