Development News

To give something back to an institution that helped them get make an impact on the future of the state and take advantage of portions of the tax code......... to actually see something happen as a result of giving in their lifetimes! These are just some of the reasons people give to the university from their own resources. Most people don't give just to get rid of extra money or unwanted resources. They want to make something happen with the money they do have and to know that it was invested wisely. Performance does count when it comes to taking hard earned resources and donating them to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Most of us came to UF fresh out of high school with a lot of hope and excitement and little else. We left the university with maturity, knowledge, and an understanding of people - all of which came from interacting with top faculty and a diverse population of students. In other words, we were well-prepared to get a job and get started. For some, this start was aided by a fellow UF alumnus who was in a higher position at the same company or by a reference from another graduate or professor. For most of us, we got our first job on our own but soon learned that what "good old professor X" had been preaching to us was really beginning to help us in our daily lives or to improve our job performances.

Many alumni and friends of the college have decided to give back to UF and to make a positive difference in peoples' lives by supporting the programs, faculty, and students in Liberal Arts and Sciences. They have learned that investments in CLAS reap far reaching benefits. Private contributions have renovated buildings, affecting the learning experience of thousands of UF students. Support of faculty who are studying the effects of population growth (among many other important subjects) has shaped the future of the state of Florida. And perhaps most of all, private support has aided students and faculty who are currently making decisions that impact our lives and the roles of national leaders in business and government today.

Thankfully, the latest tax code changes still contain many advantages for private citizens who choose to contribute to UF. While most people do not make large contributions only because of these benefits, the law makes it possible for donors to make a positive impact at UF and to benefit their families at the same time, through avoidance of capital gains and estate taxes. This has become a classic win/win situation in America. Many people have simply and effectively combined their college support with their retirement financial planning.

Contributors continue to tell us that they have never before experienced the pleasure and satisfaction that they feel after making a gift. Not just because it is going to "their" school, but because of the impact it has on the future. In our lives, we don't normally have that much influence over our work place or the community we live in. Through contributions to the diverse College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, however, you can make a difference and influence the present and future generations of the world. Your performance counts at UF!

Carter Boydstun,
Director of Development