CLAS Faculty Have International Impact


Haig Der-Houssikian presented a paper entitled "Morphological Reflexes of Discourse Requisites in Swahili" at the 2nd World Congress of African Linguistics, held at the University of Leipzig, Germany (August).


During the summer Paul Magnarella attended trials held at the United Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, in Arusha, Tanzania. Magnarella has been designated a legal researcher for the Tribunal and has organized an international research unit to aid the Tribunal in its work.


James Hunter visited the Instituto de Asrafisica de Canarias (IAC), Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain as a guest of the Spanish government. He gave two invited lectures and supervised a PhD project during his visit.

Bo Gustafson was an invited visitor at the Ondroev Observatory of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic where he discussed the future of the European Meteor Network.


Mark Reid presented "PostNegritude Visual Culture" at the After Consensus: Critical Challenge and Social Change in America conference held at Goteborg University in Sweden in August. Cambridge University Press has recently published Spike Lee's 'Do the Right Thing,' which Reid edited.

Amitava Kumar was an invited artist at the Desh-Pardesh Cultural Festival in Toronto, where he read his poetry and was interviewed in a public forum following the screening of his collaborative video.

Brandon Kershner has been asked to serve as guest editor for an issue of the annual hard-bound journal European Joyce Studies. He will also be co-organizing the 1998 International Joyce Symposium to be held in Rome.


Barbara E. McDade was appointed to the Review Committee (for West, Central and Southern Africa) of the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES), which reviews applications and makes recommendations for the 1998-99 Fulbright Senior Scholars Fellowships and Awards.


Hal H. Rennert was awarded a publication grant from the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts for The Selected Letters of Wilhelm Hausentstein (1882-1957). He spent his sabbatical leave researching this project at the German Literary Archive in Marbach, Germany.


Sasha Dranishnikov was recently invited to give an hour address at the International Congress of Mathematicians to be held in Berlin in August 1998.

Doug Cenzer gave an invited talk at the NSF-sponsored workshop on complexity and recursion theory, held in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, July 13-20. The title of his talk was "Complexity-Theroretic Model Theory."

Hal H. Rennert was awarded a publication grant from the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts for The Selected Letters of Wilhelm Hausentstein (1882-1957). He spent his sabbatical leave researching this project at the German Literary Archive in Marbach, Germany.

Joe Glover gave a series of four lectures on "Symmetries of Markov Processes" at the Functional Analysis V Conference, held at the InterUniversity Center in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in September.


In April, 1998, the University of Wales will present Raymond Andrew with the honorary degree of DSc in recognition of his "distinction as a physicist" and his "contributions to the study of nuclear magnetic resonance."

Neil Sullivan gave an invited lecture series to students and researchers at the XIVth International NMR Summer School held at the University of Waterloo in Canada.


In August Bernadette Cailler, professor of French, presented a paper titled "Revoir la Négritude et láprès-Négritude àl'aide d'Emmanuel Lévinas" at the XVth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association (Leiden, the Netherlands).

William Calin spent the spring and summer as a visiting research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Edinburgh, researching and writing Minority Literatures and Modernism: Scots, Breton, and Occitan, 1920-1990.


Jay Gubrium presented the Distinguished Scholar Lecture "Writing Against Story" for the Aging and Life courses at the Annual Conference of the American Sociological Association in Toronto, Canada (August).

UF Professor to Receive Honorary Degree

Professor E. Raymond Andrew (Physics) will receive the honorary degree of Doctor of Science from the Prifysgol Cymru (The University of Wales) at a special ceremony on April 18, 1998 in Cardiff. Intended to honor the many fundamental contributions that Dr. Andrew has made to the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, this award is especially fitting as it was in Wales that he invented the concept of Magic Angle Spinning which is today a major tool used by chemists and physicists to determine fundamental molecular structures.

CLAS Losses

David Lawrence Niddrie, emeritus professor of geography at UF from 1966-1988, died Sunday, August 24, after suffering a brief illness. Niddrie was known for his well-prepared and eloquently presented lectures that drew heavily from slides he collected during fieldwork and academic teaching in Western Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and the Falklands. He was also distinguished by his dedication to the undergraduate and graduate students he supervised and advised.