March 2006 CLASnotes
In This Issue:
Emmy Award winning broadcaster Forrest Sawyer shares his thoughts on the health of American journalism.

Armed and Endangered
Take a journey to Africa, where UF students and faculty are working with villagers to boost the local economy while protecting endangered elephants.
The Dark Side of Astronomy
Learn why scientists have trouble accounting for 85 percent of the universe, and how UF astronomers plan to solve the mystery.
Teaching the Unthinkable
The Summer Holocaust Institute for Florida Teachers helps educators gain the knowledge needed to teach the history of the Holocaust in their classrooms.
CLAS Tomorrow
Invest in the heart of the Gator Nation by participating in the new Florida Tomorrow campaign.
Campus Views
A glimpse at what life is like these days on bustling Turlington plaza.
Alumni Spotlight
Brian Dassler is embarking on a new teaching adventure as founding principal of a high school in New Orleans.
Updates from CLASmates
Whether treating cancer patients, running a local library or serving in the military, your college friends are making a difference in the world.
Alumni Bookshelf
Check out the latest reads published by CLAS alumni.
Armed and Endangered

The African elephant is endangered, but you wouldn’t know it from visiting a small region where they’re wrecking havoc on villages. UF geographers have joined hands with locals to seek a solution. Photo by A. Gaughan.

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