Alumni CLASnotes Spring 2006
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A Note From the Dean

Greetings from Turlington Plaza!

Interim Dean Joe Glover
Interim Dean Joe Glover
Having served as interim dean for almost one year, I have been privileged to have the college’s best bird’s-eye view of faculty and student achievement (no quips about bird-brained administrators, please!).

Distinguished Professor Neil Opdyke was accorded one of geology’s most prestigious international awards, the Petrus Peregrinus Medal of the European Geosciences Union. Co-director of the Creative Writing Program David Leavitt published a novel entitled "The Indian Clerk" that explores the legendary encounter between Cambridge don G.H. Hardy and an untutored Indian genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan, whose discoveries still dazzle mathematicians. Thanks in large part to the leadership of Amie Kreppel, Director of the Center for European Studies, UF has become the first American university to establish a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence funded by the European Union.

State and private support makes it possible for these faculty members and the students they guide to discover new physical and biological principles and to reach deep insights into the fundamental impulses of human nature, our cultures, and our societies. On September 28, UF President Bernie Machen launched the Florida Tomorrow capital campaign to raise $1.5 billion to help support the research of the faculty, the scholarship of the students, and the campus infrastructure that underlies both. He also announced a special initiative to raise a $30 million endowment for the humanities and social sciences in CLAS.

In partnership with our alumni and friends across the Gator Nation, we can help create a secure financial foundation for future generations of students and faculty and the remarkable work they will do.

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