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Grave SecretGrave Secret

by Kelly Leigh Adams (published under the name Kelly L. Stone)
(B.A., Psychology, 1985)

Twenty-one-year-old Claire Bannister has just been released from a Florida mental hospital, where she spent over three years on the forensics unit for arson and murder-crimes to which she pled "not guilty by reason of insanity." The trouble is, Claire's innocent. She knows who really set the house fire that killed her siblings on that balmy night in Pensacola, but she can't tell. And she knows that her stepmother and lifelong nemesis, Sisley, will be watching her every move. Sisley never believed that Claire set the fire that killed her children, and now Sisley will stop at nothing to get to the truth. Claire flees to Tampa, unaware that Sisley is having her followed. Claire is on a mission to find her boyfriend, Billy Powers, who disappeared the night of the fire with a briefcase full of cash extorted from Claire's powerful father, Judge Oren Bannister. Will Billy still have in his possession the one item that Claire must get back from him? Confronted by one dead end after another, Claire finally marries Richard Quenell, a handsome and wealthy attorney with a few secrets of his own. Claire conceals her past from her new husband, a decision that has disastrous results. When Claire, Sisley, Billy and Richard finally square off, the consequences will be devastating, and Claire will be faced with a decision that could change her life-again.

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Hamburger Rhetorik

Hamburger Rhetorikproduced by Leon W. Couch III
(B.S., Physics and B.A., Math, 1992)

This recording celebrates Hamburg organ music with performances of free and chorale-based works by Dietrich Buxtude, his contemporaries, and his successors. The CD is accompanied by a 24-page scholarly booklet, which discusses the composer, the instruments, and musical-rhetorical interpretations.

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Great Joy

Great Joyby Kate DiCamillo
(B.A., English, 1987)

It is just before Christmas when an organ grinder and monkey appear on the street corner outside Frances’s apartment. Frances can see them from her window and, sometimes, when it’s quiet, she can hear their music. In fact, Frances can’t stop thinking about them, especially after she sees the man and his monkey sleeping outside on the cold street at midnight. When the day of the Christmas pageant arrives, and it’s Frances’s turn to speak, everyone waits silently. But all Frances can think about is the organ grinder’s sad eyes — until, just in time, she finds the perfect words to share. Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo pairs once again with acclaimed artist Bagram Ibatoulline as she presents a timeless story of compassion and joy.

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Connecting to the Net Generation: What Higher Education Professionals Need to Know About Today’s College Students

Connecting to the Net Generation: What Higher Education Professionals Need to Know About Today’s College Studentsby Reynol Junco
(B.S., Psychology, 1994)
Co-written with UF Assistant Vice President
of Student Affairs, Jeanna Mastrodicasa

The Net Generation, whose members were born in and after 1982, is the largest generation in U.S. history, surpassing 80 million in number. They arrive on college and university campuses having been consumers of technology in ways that previous generations barely understand, and the challenges that this group of students present is unique.

"Connecting to the Net.Generation: What Higher Education Professionals Need to Know About Today’s Students" is a cultural guide to today’s tech-savvy students. This easy-to-follow guide will help you gain a better understanding of your students, the technology they are using, and how they are using it. Based on the results of the Net Generation Survey, the book provides an overview of some of today’s most popular technologies—blogs, instant messaging, social networking Web sites, and filesharing programs—and looks at how students are using them to communicate and develop a sense of community. The authors compare generational values, and offer specific recommendations for how to better serve Net Generation students in the areas of career planning; academic advising; campus safety; counseling and disability services; parental involvement; and classroom learning.

The Net Generation will be on college and university campuses for some time to come. Understanding how these students use technology to communicate and how it influences their values is the first step in meeting their needs and building community on campus. "Connecting to the Net.Generation" gives you the tools you need to approach your students and speak their language.

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The Long Forgotten Place

The Long Forgotten Placeby Rev. Donald Stephen Roberts
(B.A., Psychology, 1969)

Is Katie dreaming, or is she having a real adventure? Spirited away into the world of the People of the Sun, she is sent on a quest to recover their lost holy writings. The dangerous journey leads her not only to rediscover her own Native American heritage, but teaches her that strength may reside in weakness.


As Katie slept, the Running Moon turned red. Strange visions filled the spreading darkness, and Katie groaned in her sleep. Drummers beat out a frenzied rhythm that made her heart race. She wanted it to stop, but it went on at a terrifying pace. Her skull hurt, each beat making her head pound fiercely.

As the pounding drums reached a crescendo, a face, as cruel as it was evil, emerged from the thick blackness. This dark visage was the face of a warrior, one who commanded great power. His black eyes looked right through Katie. She turned to run away, but her feet were glued to the ground. Advancing toward her, he raised a knife!

For the first time, Katie noticed that she was holding a book of some kind, a thick sheaf of yellowed papers bound in a leather cover. As the evil warrior brought his knife down sharply, Katie raised the book over her head to defend herself. The blade pierced the book, stopping just inches from her face!

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Florida Shadows

Florida Shadowsby Clarissa Camfield Thomasson
(M.A., English, 1967)

This book covers the history, flora and fauna of southwest Florida in 1918 by following the story of a young woman who experiences the building of the railroad from Arcadia to Boca Grande and the early days of the Gasparilla Inn in historic Boca Grande.



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