Alumni CLASnotes Summer 2004

A Note from the Dean

SullivanGreetings from Turlington Plaza! The onset of the 2004-2005 academic year brings a sense of excitement and promise as we inaugurate our new president, Bernie Machen, on September 10 and embark on a bold new venture to move the University of Florida forward to become one of the truly great public institutions. This important step is not only significant for UF but also for Florida since no state can aspire to improve economics, job opportunities and a healthy lifestyle without the solid base of knowledge that is generated by top-quality institutions. UF is expected to provide that leadership, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is committed to strengthening the fundamental academic core of the university, so we will be recognized as an institution of choice for scholars and students around the world.

As the state seeks to develop new high-tech industrial growth, it cannot succeed without a high-quality university environment to provide the new workforce and public awareness that is required. The new biotechnologies developed in the genetic sciences, including genomics and bioinformatics, will play a major role in the future of UF and the new industries in the state. The keys to unlocking the methods for understanding inheritable diseases, the aging process, and how to develop new agricultural crops will be produced by the new generation of biochemists, mathematicians, geneticists, statisticians and biomedical engineers who are now focusing on research at the most fundamental levels.

Reaching out to a diverse world in research and education is one of the most important responsibilities of the college. We have moved steadily forward in this mission, building new study abroad programs for students in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Student demand for courses in the areas of ethics and political economies and lesser-known languages have grown significantly. By all accounts, the quality of our entering students, undergraduate and graduate, has risen dramatically in the past two years. These exceptional students could, in many cases, enter several of the top institutions in the nation. They have high expectations of UF in terms of the quality of offerings, in both the classroom and the research laboratory, often in our most challenging disciplines. We need to work harder than ever to provide the programs of excellence they seek. Even as the college and university continue to grow, we must be mindful of maintaining high-quality opportunities for the further advancement of UF, Florida and our global relations.

Neil S. Sullivan, Dean

Jane Dominguez

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