Alumni CLASnotes Spring 2003

Term Professors & Dissertation Fellows

Each year, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences awards CLAS Term Professorships to outstanding faculty who excel in both scholarship and teaching. These professorships allow the college to recognize faculty who are making a significant difference in the classroom, as well as through their research. Funded entirely by private sources, the number of term professors and the amount of the award varies from year to year. For 2002-2003, the following professors have received a one-time $6,000 salary supplement and an additional $5,000 for their research.

James Button, Political Science
Mitchell Magid Term Professor

Anthony Oliver-Smith, Anthropology
Mitchell Magid Term Professor

Malini Johar Schueller, English
Waldo W. Neikirk Term Professor

Christopher Stanton, Physics
Jean and Robin Gibson Term Professor

Daniel Talham, Chemistry
Jean and Robin Gibson Term Professor

Each year CLAS invites PhD students to apply for dissertation fellowships to aid in their studies. The following awardees will receive a $3,750 stipend to use during the spring or summer 2003 term:

Gerson Dissertation Fellow
Ahmad Saleem, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Gibson Dissertation Fellows
Virginia Battista, Sociology
Dana Byrd, Psychology
Keith Choe, Zoology
Parakh Hoon, Political Science
Natalia Hoyos, Geography
Ellen Maccarone, Philosophy
Yongyi Min, Statistics
Vakif Onemli, Physics
Sang-Hee Yeon, Linguistics

Holmes Memorial Scholar
Youlanda Henry, English

McGinty Dissertation Fellows
Geoffrey M. Blate, Botany
Elizabeth Byron, Anthropology

McLaughlin Dissertation Fellows
Joann Benigno, Psychology
Sarah Bouchard, Zoology
Mari DeWees, Sociology
Kathryn Kanuck, Philosophy
Rongliang Liu, Physics
Andrea Mabry, English
Elizabeth McKinney, Psychology
Benjamin Miner, Zoology
Stephen Ortiz, History
James Penn, Geography
Laura Ruiz, Romance Languages and Literatures
Alberto Santana-Vargas, Chemistry
Guillermina Seri, Political Science
Eri Sugita, Anthropology
Lee Walker, Political Science
William Whitley, History
Jeffrey Thompson, Statistics

Nutter Dissertation Fellows
Jeremy Cohen, History
Lynn Usher, Chemistry

Russell Dissertation Fellow
C. Bradley Dilger, English

Threadgill Dissertation Fellows
Gonzalo M. Estavillo, Botany
Stephen Lehman, Chemistry
John Schultz, Anthropology

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