Alumni CLASnotes Spring 2003

Outstanding Alumni

Outstanding AlumniIn November, CLAS honored a group of exceptional alumni at its first ever Outstanding Alumni Brunch, held during homecoming weekend. Those recognized for their achievements and contributions were: (Front row) James McClave (PhD, statistics, 1971); Robert Levitt (MS and PhD, psychology, 1965); Jeanne Fillman-Richards (MA and PhD, geography, 1982 and 1990); Storm Richards (BA, anthropology, 1973 and MA and PhD, geography, 1978 and 1987); (Back row) Gary Myers (BS, geology, 1974); Paul Tarrant, representing Alan Lovelace (BS, MS, PhD, chemistry, 1951, 1952 and 1954); Thomas Gibbs (BA, philosophy, 1975); Dorothy (Weik) Smiljanich (BA and MA, English, 1969 and 1971); Gloria Bryan (PhD, anthropology, 1992). Not pictured are Charles Black, Jr. (BA, political science, 1969); Pallas Comnenos (BA and MA, classical studies, 1990 and 1993); and Terry Smiljanich (BA, English, 1969 and JD, 1972).

Allyson Beutke

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