Alumni CLASnotes Spring 2002

Term Professors and Dissertation Fellows

Term Professors
Since 1995, CLAS Term Professorships have been awarded to outstanding faculty who excel in both scholarship and teaching. These professorships, funded entirely by private sources, allow the college to recognize faculty who are making a significant difference in the classroom as well as through their research. Each term professor will receive a one-year supplement of $6,000 in salary and $2,500 in research support. The professors who received this award for 2001-2002 are:

Aida Bamia, African and Asian Languages and Literatures
Albert and Vanda O'Neill Term Professor

Susan Boinski, Anthropology
Robin and Jean Gibson Term Professor

Yunmei Chen, Mathematics
Robin and Jean Gibson Term Professor

Jim Dufty, Physics
Albert and Vanda O'Neill Term Professor

Walter Judd, Botany
Albert and Vanda O'Neill Term Professor

Stephen McKnight, History
Waldo and Lorraine Neikirk Term Professor

Kirk Schanze, Chemistry
Robin and Jean Gibson Term Professor

Dissertation Fellows
Joines and HolmesEach year CLAS invites students pursuing PhDs to apply for dissertation fellowships for the spring and summer terms. Awardees receive tuition waivers and a $3,750 stipend for the spring or summer 2002 term. This year's recipients are:

Aschoff Dissertation Fellow
Thomas Wunderli, Mathematics

Gerson Dissertation Fellows
Adam Howard, History
Cynthia Koenig, Psychology
Dean Swinford, English

Gibson Dissertation Fellows
Stephen Carino, Chemistry
Margit Grieb, Germanic and Slavic Studies
Carrie Hamilton, Linguistics

Holmes Memorial Scholar
Raina Joines, English

Massey Dissertation Fellows
Barbara Carlsward, Botany
Pimol Moth, Astronomy

McGinty Dissertation Fellow
David Kennedy, Anthropology

McLaughlin Dissertation Fellows
Brian D. Baker, Physics
Mark Brechtel, Psychology
Juan Carlos Callirgos, History
D. John Chadwick, Geological Sciences
Kristen Conway, Geography
Emilia Gioreva, Political Science
Kristin E. Joos, Sociology
Oana Mocioalca, Mathematics
Suhel Quader, Zoology
Diana Serrano, Romance Languages and Literatures

O'Neill Dissertation Fellow
Daniel Boisvert, Philosophy

Russell Dissertation Fellow
Roos Willems, Anthropology

Threadgill Dissertation Fellows
Sarika Chandra, English
Matthew Peters, Chemistry

Patrick Hughes

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