Alumni CLASnotes Fall 2002

Ruth McQuown Scholars

The Ruth McQuown Scholars were recognized recently at the fall reception of the Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research. Twelve female undergraduate and graduate students were given scholarships in honor of Ruth McQuown, a former political science professor and the first woman to serve as an associate dean for the college.

McQuown, who received her PhD from UF in 1961, was known for her activism on campus, particularly for her support of affirmative action and women's rights. She died in 1984, and is remembered fondly by her friends and colleagues as a strong, influential administrator with a great sense of humor. "Ruth had that really rare quality of being able to support an issue without alienating people," says Phyllis Meek, retired associate dean of students. McQuown proved to be a key player in bringing the women's studies program to campus. "If it hadn't been for Ruth, that program would have never gotten off the ground," says Meek. "She was the one working behind the scenes who got the faculty to accept the program."

Students who received a McQuown scholarship are: Nadia Abdulhaq, Speech-Language Pathology; Julia Albarracín, Political Science; Ronique Bundrage, Psychology; Yvonne Combs, Sociology; Nour Kawa, Political Science; Heidi Lannon, Geography; Ellen Marie Maccarone, Philosophy; Shuala Martin, Anthropology; Laia Mitchell, Anthropology; Kavita Rajasekhar, Sociology; Brooke Schoeffler, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Qian Zhan, Philosophy.

The newly created Carolyn Osterhoudt Fabal Memorial Scholarship was also awarded at the reception. Established by members of the Munoz family, who are relatives of Fabal, the award supports undergraduate and graduate women's studies students who show a creative approach to problem solving and compassion when helping others in the community. Fabal earned her PhD in education from UF in 1991. History graduate student Ondina Brusso is the first recipient of the scholarship.

--Buffy Lockette

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