Alumni CLASnotes Fall 2002

Gifts & Pledges To CLAS

From July 1, 2001 To June 30, 2002

(d)=deceasedCorporations and Foundations

Donors of $100,000 or More
The Freeman Foundation
Betty J. and J. Stanley Livingstone Foundation

Donors of $50,000-$99,999
Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund
The Lewis Schott Foundation

Donors of $10,000-$49,999
Alchem Laboratories Corporation
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Community Foundation of Greater Lakeland
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fluorotech LLC
The Ford Foundation
Info Tech, Incorporated
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Joseph K. Still, Jr., P.A.
Kekst and Company, Incorporated
Sylvia and Irwin Leiferman Foundation
Nalorac Corporation
Robert Russell Memorial Foundation
John Wiley and Sons, Incorporated

Donors of $1,000-$9,999
The Jenifer Altman Foundation
The Bank of America Foundation
Barr Systems, Incorporated
Blank, Meenan and Smith, P.A.
Michael G. Cantonis Foundation, Incorporated
Clariant Life Science Molecules, Incorporated
Consensus Builders, Incorporated
The Dow Chemical Company Foundation
Duval Foundation
Eastman Chemical Company
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
Entomos LLC
Esperion Therapeutics, Incorporated
Eta Sigma Phi
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fairbanks Armadillo Roast
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
Florida Business Associates, Incorporated
Goering's Book Store, Incorporated
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
Hartford Insurance Group
HJ Foundation, Incorporated
IBM Corporation
Independent Florida Alligator
Jewish Council of North Central Florida, Incorporated
Knight Vision Foundation, Incorporated
Lubee Foundation, Incorporated
Merrill Lynch and Company Foundation, Incorporated
The Minute Maid Company
Morgan Stanley
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
National Semiconductor Corporation
Pepsico, Incorporated
Procter and Gamble Company
Scientific Instruments, Incorporated
Sun International Bahamas, Limited
Waldman Foundation, Incorporated
The Wentworth Foundation, Incorporated
Leonard Wolf Family Trust
Xerographic Copy Centers

Donors of $500-$999
BASF Corporation
BellSouth Corporation
BP Foundation, Incorporated
Custom Copies, Incorporated
The Dow Chemical Company Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Florida Clinical Practice Association, Incorporated
Gator Textbooks, Incorporated
GE Fund
The Home Depot, Incorporated
Intel Foundation
The McGraw-Hill Companies
The Merck Company Foundation
Mutual of New York Foundation
The Prudential Foundation
Schering-Plough Research Institute
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Synquest Laboratories, Incorporated
Verizon Foundation
Wachovia Corporation
Walt Disney Company Foundation

Donors of $250-$499
Arthur Andersen LLP Foundation
AT&T Foundation
Coca-Cola Enterprises, Incorporated
Council for Economic Outreach
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Entergy Corporation
FAR Research, Incorporated
First Data Resources, Incorporated
FPL Group Foundation, Incorporated
Friends of the Library
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson Controls, Incorporated
LKC Foundation
Marsh and McLennan Companies, Incorporated
Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville
Mead Corporation Foundation
Medical Device Technologies, Incorporated
Mellon Financial Corporation
National Starch and Chemical Company
Nationwide Insurance Foundation
Pfizer, Incorporated
Procter and Gamble Company
The Rhode Island Foundation
State Farm Companies Foundation
Tampa Chamber of Commerce
Texas Instruments Foundation
Towers Perrin
Universal Studios

Donors of $100-$249
Air Products Foundation
Albany International Corporation
Albemarle Corporation
Alcan Aluminum Corporation
American Express Foundation
Amgen Foundation
AmSouth Bancorporation Foundation
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Limited
Boeing Company
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Incorporated
Calvert Asset Management Company, Incorporated
Carlton Fields, P.A.
Caval Real Estate Management
Computer Associates International, Incorporated
Conoco, Incorporated
Corning, Incorporated Foundation
Corn Products International, Incorporated
Darden Restaurants Foundation
Delta Air Lines Foundation
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Dow Corning Corporation
Ernst and Young Foundation
Florida Southern College
Florida Anthropology Student Association
H&R Block, Incorporated
Hewitt Associates
Hewlett-Packard Company
Honeywell Foundation
Household International, Incorporated
J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation
New York Life Insurance Company
NMR Concepts
The Northrop Grumman Litton Foundation
Osram Sylvania, Incorporated
T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation, Incorporated
Raytheon Company
Re/Max Olympic Realty
Ridgway Roof Truss Company
Saint Barbara's Priest Discretionary Account
Schropp, Buell and Elligett, P.A.
Science Applications International Corporation
Sun Microsystems, Incorporated
Tenet Healthcare Corporation
Tire Outlet, Incorporated
TV Guide, Incorporated
UNUM Foundation
The Washington Post
Woman's Club Board of DeLand


Donors of $100,000 or More
Allen R. Crow (d)
Jack M. and Linda C. Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Grass
Everette E. Hall, Jr. (d)
Marjorie G. Laitinen
Carl R. and Madge S. Pennington

Donors of $50,000-$99,999
William H. Dial (d)
Frank E. Harris
Kenneth K. Keene
Ann R. Stasch

Donors of $10,000-$49,999
Khalil A. Abboud
James I. Black III
Wallace S. Brey, Jr.
Nicholas A. Cassas
Leighton E. and Beth A. Cluff
Carroll M. Geraldson
Jack M. and Linda C. Gill
Tomas Hudlicky
Jack B. Humphries
Daniel J. Koleos
Madelyn M. Lockhart
Mary L. Pierce (d)
Alan L. and Susan L. Proctor
Mark J. and Mary F. Proctor
Naoto Takechi
Jon L. Thompson
David L. Williams

Donors of $1,000-$9,999
Edward D. Andrews
Michael Aschoff
Norton Sanford Baskin (d)
Robert J. Baum
Judith S. Beaubouef
Dr. and Mrs. Emmanuel M. Bilirakis
Alan B. Bolten and Karen A. Bjorndal
H. Jane Brockmann
Bruce S. Bullock
Allan F. and Julie G. Burns
R. Peter Catlin III
Shaw-Chang Chu
Frank P. Cline, Jr.
Evan G. and Rose M. Coe
Ruth H. Cooper
Jeffrey M. Crane
Shaula E. and C. James Crooker
Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Danker
Carey P. DeDeyn
Paul T. Dee
Gerald E. DiFabrizio
John H. Donlon
Paul L. and Polly Doughty
David A. and Donna B. Drake
Lorena Gore Dunlap
Gary E. Eichler
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Elligett, Jr.
Robert L. Ely, Jr.
Dwight L. Evans
Karen E. Fallgatter
David M. and Ann Fee
T. Martin and Mary Ann Fiorentino
Mary V. Fisher
David B. Fleeman
Chuck and Lynn Frazier
Joseph B. Ganey, Jr.
William H. Garmany
P. Neil Geiger
Ion Ghiviriga
Thomas E. Gibbs
Peter J. Gilbert
Robert R. Grant
Henry M. Gutterman
Michael J. Halpin
Claude A. Harmon
Carl M. Harris
James M. Hennessy
William Carlisle Herbert
Frances Arthur Holmes
Thomas A. Holmes
Betty M. Horne (d)
Tacheng Hsieh
H. Andrew Huntt, Jr.
Ron Keller
Herbert E. King
Melody B. Kohl
Edward N. Kresge
Joseph P. Lafornara
J. David Leander
Scott Lodin
Susan C. Malone
Harold F. McCart, Jr.
Jeane A. McCarthy
Kevin M. McCarthy and Karelisa V. Hartigan
James J. Michels
Jerald T. Milanich
Michael E. Moseley and Susan D. DeFrance
Waldo W. and Lorraine Neikirk
Linda L. Olson
Patricia A. O'Neill
Kathleen A. O'Shanick
Prof. and Mrs. Maurice J. O'Sullivan, Jr.
George S. Palmer (d)
Robert J. and Mary Dell Paterno
George R. Peacock
Ellen M. Penso
Henry R. Poehling
Leonidas C. Polopolus
C. Addison Pound, Jr.
Samuel and Bessie R. Proctor
Wallace W. and Sarah H. Prophet
Barbara A. and Laurence H. Purdy
Judy L. Quick
Rosalind A. Radcliffe
Nancy Evearitt Richey
Paul G. and Kathryn F. Riewald
Mitchell A. Roop
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Roth
Daniel S. Saunders, Jr.
Kirk S. Schanze
Richard L. and Nancy G. Scheaffer
Barry P. Setzer
Richard C. Sharp
C. Frederick Shewey
Jan E. and Eliza H. Smith
Donald A. Soper
Allen Stewart
Gary C. Stone
Thomas R. Tedcastle
Winship A. Todd
Jeffrey A. Ulmer
Howe Q. Wallace, Jr.
Dongxing Wang
Michael W. Warren
Karen E. Watson
Donna Weiss
Charles T. and Linda F. Wells
James N. and Christine H. Williams
Brian E. Winger
Leonard and Rhoda B. Wolf
Art J. Zirger and Mary A. Rowe

Donors of $500-$999
Mark A. Adkins
Ronald L. Akers
Diane R. Alexander
John C. Allen
Eunice Jessie Andrew
Jane L. Arnett
Charles G. Atkinson
Joy Stone Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Benton
Robert H. Bevis
Marc J. Bilodeau
Thomas E. Blankenship
Sue H. Boinski
Edward H. Bossen
Carter Boydstun
Todd G. Caraway
Jen-Chi and Audrey W. Chen
Robert S. Clancy
Robert C. Cloughen, Jr.
David R. and Mrs. Marion F. Colburn
William A. Coleman
Paul T. Dee
Sheila K. Dickison
Daniel D. Diestler
William R. Dolbier, Jr.
William P. Douglas
James W. Dufty
Bazil B. Duncan III
Betsy Eckbert
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Falsetti
Richard L. Farkas
C. David Fonvielle
Andrea P. Georgalis
Art B. Gleason, Jr.
Geoffrey D. Good
Caleb J. Grimes
Jeffrey P. Grogin
George M. Groome, Jr.
Robert J. and Deborah J. Hagen
John H. Haines
Sidney A. Hannah
James M. Heaton
Scott T. Hein
Maria E. Henderson
James M. Hess
Jerry A. Howalt
Susan L. Howard
Miles W. Hughes
Stanley K. and Edith W. Ink
James R. Ipser
Jim Jacobs
Barbara C. Johnston
Sandra J. Jones
Edward W. Kallal, Jr.
Carter L. Kelly
Jennifer L. Kibiger
James W. King
James T. Kitchens
Marlene J. Kovaly
Joseph W. and Mary M. Lawrence
John C. Leighton
John V. and Cathryn L. Lombardi
Marjorie I. H. Malagodi
Joan E. Marks
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Martin
Eugene P. Matter
Sharon K. McCoy
Neil S. McEachern
Thomas B. and Donna D. McGinty
Douglas B. Megill
Mark W. Meisel
Josie G. Mendoza
Marilyn J. Mittentag
John H. Moore
Margaret A. Moore
David B. Mosby
Cornelius B. Myers III
Janet S. Nankin
Greg J. Neimeyer
Quinn B. O'Sullivan
Cynthia P. Pearce
Michael G. Potapow, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. W. Dale Prophet
Rhonda L. Quinn
Marcia E. Raff
David G. Ramshaw
Adele A. Reddish
Ann W. Regan
Linda M. Rogers
Debra J. Roth
Laura A. Rowell
Lisa L. Rue
Keith A. Runge
Virginia B. Rutledge
Helen I. Safa
Remzey L. Samarrai
Paul D. Scala
Bess T. Schoen
Mary W. Shanor
Gary R. Shecter
John F. Shepherd
Howard M. Sheridan
Craig A. Sikes
Donna J. Sinks
Brian A. Smith
Gordon M. Smith
James A. Smith
Linda J. Smith
Nancy C. Smith
Norman Stallings
Edwin P. Stewart
M. Jane Strouse
John F. Sullivan
Susan E. Swales
Irene S. Thompson
Blaine J. Tillis
Dorin Toader
Norman E. Toy
Andrea M. Trescot
Robert A. Uhle
Michael J. Vernacchio
Hannelore L. Wass
Rick White
David G. Whitten
Christopher D. Williams
Andrea K. Wilson
James A. Winchester, Jr.
Joseph N. Windham
Michael L. Woodruff
Barbara D. Wright
Leslie A. Wright
Reverdy E. Wright
Geoffrey S. Yarema
Louis G. and Susan G. Zachos
Arthur J. Zirger, Jr.

Donors of $250-$499
Ronald L. Akers
Joseph N. Alexander
Chris S. Andersen
Mary J. Anderson
R. Michael Anderson
Tara D. Anderson
Kathryn C. and Stephen M. Asmann
William B. Barfield
William L. Barry
Christopher A. Baumann
Joan E. Baumstarck
Wendy K. Belkin
H. Russell Bernard
Stuart L. Blumberg
Patricia A. Boger
Robert D. Brittain
Lisa S. Brouwer
Richard B. Brown
Timothy B. Butterfield
William C. Calin
Thomas G. Campbell
Joaquim Camps
Raul Carreras, Jr.
Daniel P. Conrad
Robert W. Cooper
Patricia Craddock
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Crane
Raul A. Cuervo
Alicia W. Culp
Jean H. Curran
Beree R. Darby
Ronald A. David
Thomas C. Davis
Michael J. De Leo
Joseph B. Deeds
Miguel del Aguila
Walter E. Dukes
Anne F. Dunlap
Jacqueline A. Dupree
Judith E. Durham
Laura D. Earle-Imre
David S. Edelman
Kerry J. Edwards
Jean R. Erickson-Potts
Michael B. Escalante
David H. Evans
Michelle A. Fabrize
Ronald W. Featherstone
Doug Fields
D. Michael Forman, Jr.
Michelle T. Frank
Robert M. and Tonya D. Fulton
Glenda H. Gallagher-Ekasala
Kenneth B. Gardner
Phyllis A. Garrard
Lee L. Gibson, Jr.
Aaron R. Gilbert
Theodore J. Grable, Jr.
Harry A. Grater, Jr.
Tracy S. Greenberg
David R. Griggs
Cynthia Grooms-Marvin
Robert E. Grunewald, Jr.
Kelly M. Haines
Terence Gerard Hamill
Nancy D. Hansen
Scott L. Harbeson
James W. Harris, Jr.
Richard J. Heath
Randall T. Hedrick
Jennifer E. Heinrich
Dyanne Feinberg Henkel
Grant D. Heslep
Thomas L. Hicks
Lynn J. Hinson
Frederick S. Hitchcock
Susan A. Hoffman
James R. Holmes
William T. Holmes, Jr.
Joyce A. Horton
Lisa A. Hunt
Dr. and Mrs. Goran Hyden
Marvin L. Ivey, Jr.
Harry F. Jackson, Jr.
Mark N. Jason
Renee J. Johnson
Roger S. Johnson
William H. Johnson III
Terrence D. Jones
Thomas A. Jones
Alice C. Jones-Nelson
Robert F. Joyce
Thomas R. Julin
Marcia J. Kanner
Louis A. Kapicak
Fredric N. Karlton
Marjorie S. Karvonen
Carol A. Keefe
Patrick S. Kennedy
Robert D. Kennedy
Timothy E. Klein
Brent L. Kleintop
Michael D. Klingman
Cydney A. Kritzer
George Stephen Kuta
Pan-Yu Lai and Hung-Ir Li
Ary J. Lamme III
Mary B. Landsman
Nanci S. Landy
Theodore D. Laughlin, Jr.
Roger K. Lewis, Jr.
Charles L. Linden, Jr.
Matthew P. Livesay
Edward P. Ludovici
Mr. and Mrs. I. Paul Mandelkern
Pamela P. Mann
Selena L. Marchan
Charles R. and Tamara L. Martin
Richard M. Martinez
Helene C. Mathern
Mark T. Maturo
Clifford W. Mayhall
J. Michael McCarthy
Joseph T. McGovern
Matthew J. McGrane
James M. McWhorter
Vicky H. Medlock
Douglas R. Menorca
Jerry N. Meriwether
Stephanie L. Mikesell
Charlotte I. Miller
Jeanne M. C. Moberly
Scott A. Moe
Patrick S. Moody
Thomas A. Moore
Robert E. Morris
Stewart P. Moss
Virginia S. Mulle
Connie J. Mulligan
Patrick H. Murphy III
Robert J. Nader
John D. Naiman
David C. Neal
Dorothy D. Nevill
Hien B. Nguyen
Geraldine C. Nichols
Suzan D. Noden
W. Bruce O'Donoghue
Neil S. Otchin
Mary M. Overbey
Juliet Z. Pao
Kathleen D. Parke
Frederick James Pellum, Jr.
Daniel A. Petrizzo
Wes Philp
Stephen D. Pittman
John Plodinec
Douglas J. Pollard
Diane M. Porcaro
Chris Pracitto
Robert S. Price, Jr.
Michael A. Pyles
Denise H. Ramey
Jorge H. Ramos
Harry J. Reed, Jr.
Alaycia D. Reid
Jaquelyn L. and Michael B. Resnick
Carolyn B. Richards
David D. Ricke
Frank E. Rinaldo, Jr.
David W. Robson
Gregory T. Rodeghier
Dawn F. Romito
Paul C. Savage
Michael D. Scanlon
Glenn C. Schermer
Marianne Schmink
Kevin D. Seaway
Peter S. Segretto
Matthew R. Shenker
Ronald E. Shiffler
Raymond C. Shreckengost
Louis T. Silverman
Rick Silverman and Michele A. Glozak
Bert C. Simon
Charles D. Smires
Donna D. Smith
Irvin L. Smith
Nigel J. Smith
Stanley F. Spangenberg
Daniel J. Squillace
Robert A. Staab
Troy F. Storey
Neal S. Sullivan
Vernon Swartsel
David B. Tanner
Helen I. Tasulis
Susan M. Tedder
Melvin H. Thomas
Harry B. Thompson
Stephen W. Thompson
James B. and Elizabeth B. Tilghman
Kenneth B. Torbett
Kathleen E. Torsey
Carolyn M. Tucker
Woodson C. Tucker III
Barbara T. Twargoski
Lawrence E. Vallario
Erik Van Brero
Katrina R. Vaughan
Robert L. Wade
Ross S. Waldman
Nancy F. Walker
Keith T. and Renata D. Ward
Charles E. Warner
William L. Webb
David C. Weintritt
Julia H. Whitson
David E. Willmes
Carrie A. Wolfberg
Karen M. Woods
Peter T. Ying
Anna M. Yoakum

Donors of $100-$249
Perry M. Adair
Brian E. Adams
Kenneth R. Adams
Michael K. Adams
Patrick A. Adams
Linda K. Adler
Paul J. Albert
Lawrence E. Albritton
Kerry Anne C. Allen
F. Daniel Althoff, Jr.
Joseph A. Alvarez
Alberto R. Amirin
Omoniyi O. Amoran
Sarah M. Anderson
Thomas R. Anderson
Michael W. Andrew, Jr.
Rudolph J. Angelo
Lynn C. Ankner
James C. Ansel
Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Anthony
Timothy J. Arndt
Judith T. Arnett
Bruce A. Arrick
Denise M. Atteberry
Jackie L. Ayers
Christina A. Back
Steven A. Bagen
John T. Bailey
Christopher E. Baker
David R. Baker
Michael D. Baker
Murray L. Baker
Michael R. Band
Stephanie A. Banks
Richard M. Barber
Andrew Barenberg
Samuel J. Barkin
Teresa A. Barnette
Jason A. Barr, Jr.
Scott I. Barr
Raphael B. Barrera
Michael B. Barringer
Steven B. Bass
Linda A. Bayer
Judd R. Bean
Edison Becerra
Lisa A. Bechtold
Allen M. Beck
Patricia L. Becker
Marc S. Bedrin
Jeffrey M. Bell
Joseph H. Bell
Lygia Jean Bellis
Charles R. Belsky
Pamela K. Benicewicz
Helen I. Benjamin
William R. Benjamin
James P. Bennett
Shaughn C. Bennett
Robert H. Benson
Brian R. Bicknell
Edgar W. Biggers, Jr.
Michael Bilirakis
Michael W. Binford
Janelle E. Birch
E. Andrew Blair
Terry S. Blaiss
David K. Blake
James M. Blakely
Paul F. Blanzy
Eric R. Blomquist
Charles W. Blowers
Nancy J. and David J. Blue
Wendy L. Blum
Charles E. Boaz
Barry R. Boerner
Brian C. Boholst
Sharon G. Bolden
Donna M. Bolen
Michael R. and Leslie A. N. Bollinger
James A. Bolognese
Herman D. Bontrager
Joe Boucher
Glenn D. Boutilier
Janie M. Boutwell
Henry E. Bovis
Barry E. and Kathleen A. Bowen
Kurt A. Boyd
Stacey E. Boyette
G. Patrick Bozeman
Jacqueline Bozzuto
Kimberly J. Bradford
Douglas M. Bradley
Kevin C. Bradley
Michael K. Bradshaw
Beverly A. Brady
Marc N. Branch
Steven A. Brandt
Lee E. Bransford, Jr.
Mark Brenner
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Briggs
Roger T. Brill
Ilene A. Brooks
Mary B. Brooks
Sandra R. Broom
John R. Brouillette
Cornelius E. Brown
David W. Brown
Donald S. Brown
Eric Raymond Brown
Kimberly A. Brown
M. Leann Brown
Anna S. Brumby
David S. Bryan
Donald M. Bryan
Susanne J. Buckalew
Margaret M. and Raymond J. Buckel
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Buehmann
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Burke
Bradley W. Burquest
James W. Button
Barbara A. Cadow
Kalani D. Cairns
Peyton E. Callahan
Trish Calvert
Jose M. Calvo
Mary L. Camp
Anthony J. Campo
Colleen S. Campo
Michael G. Cantonis
Mary A. Cao
Katherine N. Carantzas
Karin F. Carlan
Robert K. Carley
Aundrea H. Carlton
Blythe A. Carpenter
Steven W. Carta
David R. Carter
Joan S. Carter
Randolph L. Carter
Deborah S. Carver
Ruth F. Carville
Lewis L. Casey
Lionel J. Casey III
Peter D. Cash
Carol Cassidy
Lisa E. Castronovo
Nicholas A. Caswell
Kathleen T. Catania
Patricia P. Cavalier
Kim L. Cavendish
Cesar N. Caviedes
Janet I. Cea
Thomas L. Chester
Mary K. Church
Nick Ciccotosto
Cliford Citrano
Debra S. Clark
Ira G. and Joanna M. Clark
Rex C. Clark
Michelle O. Claville
Antonio F. Clementino
Sandra D. Clements
Thomas A. Coakley
John K. Cochran
Michael D. Cockman
Robert Lee Cody
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Coeling
Sheri L. Coffee
John W. Coffey
Christopher C. Coffield
Elizabeth O. Coffin
Barbara L. Cogdill
Jeffrey R. Coker
Cynthia W. Colangelo
Edward P. Cole
Alfred Bernard Collins
William H. Collins III
Robert R. Colot, Jr.
Carl M. Colson
Raymond H. Colton
Philip M. Combest
Michael Conlon
Michael J. Conlon
Sara E. Conlon
Christine W. Connor
James P. Conrin
Mary M. Conway
Margo R. Cooke
Richard E. Copeland
Ernest F. Coppola
Carol A. Cornette
Jamie A. Corporon
James L. Cowen
Gregg C. Cox
Deborah B. Cravey
Jeanne L. Crepeau
Denise B. Crockett
Robert K. Crockett
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Cross
Jesse C. Crosson, III
Debra H. Crum
Gigi Crygier-Parker
George H. Cummings III
Christopher A. Cunha
Ronald J. Curtis
Ronald O. Daubach
L. Eric Davidis
Gwilliam L. Davidson
James H. Davie II
Mary Pat Daviet
Theodore J. Davis
James A. Day
Jane M. Day
Maria R. de Armas-Aenlle
Kathleen A. Deagan and Lawrence D. Harris
Douglas Alfred Deam
Nina A. Decarlo
Allen Y. Lou DeLaney
John A. Delaney
Mark K. Delegal
Thomas A. Delegal III
Victoria H. Delesie
Stephanie E. Demos
Stanley F. Dermott
Frederic F. Desmond
Albert L. Develle III
Luca Di Noto
Kathleen K. Diamond
Kelly A. Diamond
Frederick D. Dietrich
Katherine S. and David L. Dilcher
Jeffrey G. Disciullo
Dwayne K. Dixon
Douglas M. Dobson
Diana M. Dodson
Peter A. Dodzik
Adam S. Doner
Michelle M. Donnelly
Janice E. Dopman
Linda F. Dorman
Stuart J. Dornan
Jerry L. Dougherty
Maxine Downs
Michael A. Downs
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Drake
Matan Drelich
Mary K. Driskill
Lindreth G. DuBois
Eileen Cooke Duffy
Audrey A. Dugas
Doris A. Duniho
Randolph S. Duran
Wayne M. Durden
George D. Dutton, Jr.
Jeffrey W. Dwyer
Bonnie S. Dyga
James E. Eadens
Tiffany M. Edmund
Harry P. Edwards
Judith N. Eidenberg
Joan S. Eleazer
Allen S. Elliott
Callie A. Elliott
Cynthia A. Ellis
Richard Elston and Elizabeth A. Lada
Susan L. Elworthy
Marc A. Embrey
Susan B. Emley
Kristy M. Engels
Charles W. English
Franz R. Epting
Franklin T. Ershock
George W. Ertz
Walter G. Evans
John R. Eyler
Gail G. Fagan
Karen Fagin
Joanne Fanizza
Eddie E. Farah
Robert L. Farkas
Andrea M. Farley
Patricia W. Farrell
Gail M. Fay
Richard E. Fee
Marc E. Feldman
David S. Felesky
Anna R. Felos
Eric Q. Feng
Thomas W. Ferguson
Toby A. Ferguson
Jose A. Fernandez
Aileen J. and Melvin Field
John R. Fielder III
Donald A. Fields
Timothy J. Fik
Leigh A. Files
Ivan J. Filippo
M. Elaine Fiorino
Jeffry M. Fischer
Teresa A. Fischer
Eric M. Fisher
Georgia A. Fisher
Brian Robert Fisk
Robert N. Fitzwater
Jennifer W. Fletcher
Mark R. Fondacaro
James S. Ford
Kyle C. Forrer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fort, Jr.
W. D. Foucher
Richard C. Fountain
Erin E. Fox
Wanda D. Foxx
Matt B. Frankl
Stephen E. Frazier
Diane E. Freeman
Jacqueline B. and Vaughn A. Freeman
James T. Freeman
Laurel J. Freeman
Liesel T. French
Naomi French
Saundra N. Fried
John F. Fuller
Joseph C. Fuller, Jr.
Jamie R. Funderburk
Mindy C. Funk
R. Wayne Fuqua
Josette M. Gabel
Joseba Gabilondo
Deborah M. Gage
Louis A. Gaitanis
Roger Gallagher
James M. Gallay
Joseph L. Gallegos
Richard A. Galley
Judith T. Galloway
Joseph G. Gamble, Jr.
Gerrald J. Gantt
Neil I. Ganz
Olga M. Garay
Judith L. Garcia
Mary L. Garner
Marcia A. Garnett
Lowell P. Garrett
Jeffrey D. Gartland
Robert C. Gaulding, Jr.
Raymond Gay-Crosier
Michael V. Geary
Michael J. Gehron
Seth Gennett
Wendell A. George
Alice D. Gertzman
Paul C. Gibson
Steven J. and Ann C. Gilbert
Peter J. Gill, Jr.
Janice L. Gillespie
David C. Grove and Susan D. Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Ted P. Gluckman
Harold W. Goforth
Michael B. Goldenberg
Abraham C. Goldman
Dawn L. Goldstein
Eileen C. Golway
Francisco J. Gonzalez
Paula M. Goodall
Honey A. Goodwin
William T. Goran
Matthew M. and Denise T. Gorden
Jacqueline M. Gordon
Thomas L. Gordon
Stephen L. Gordy
Angie S. Graham
William G. Graham
Manuel A. Granado
Michael H. Grasley
Kristin M. Grassi
Barbara T. Gray
Richard W. Gray, Jr.
Samuel H. Gray
Mary Ann Green
Peggy A. Green
Suzanne W. Green
Jason B. Greene
Timothy P. Griffin
G. Keith Griffith
Karen C. Griffiths
Barney F. Griggs III
Camille R. Gruman
Robert C. Guay, Jr.
Janice L. Guinyard
Jeffrey R. Gully
Lance H. Gunderson
John B. Guthrie
Jack O. Hackett II
Maureen S. Hagen
Barry D. Hahn
Anne Ostrenko and Kenneth C. Haldin
Kirsten E. Hale
Nancy D. Hall
Frederick W. Hamann
Lacy M. Hamilton
Lauren F. Hamner
John W. Hampton
William R. Hare
Eloise Harman
Christy F. Harris
Michael M. Harris
Danna J. Harrison
Michele M. Hartung
Brian T. Hauser
Helen A. Hauser
Mark A. Haweny
Nancy Hawley
James E. Hay
Weili He
Robert J. Head, Jr.
Christopher P. Healey
Douglas J. Hearn
Arthur F. Hebard
Martin Heesacker
Patrick J. Heffernan
Lisa J. Heiblum
Anne E. Helliwell
Ralph P. Hellmann
C. Jackson Helseth
William A. Hemme
Dwight J. Hempel
Carol Henderson
D. Kay Henderson
Marvin K. Hendon
Charles D. Hendry
Jacqueline A. Henning
Robert S. Herman
John W. Hermanson, Jr.
Eugenio Hernandez
Eldita M. Herreria-Garcia
Andrew R. Hertz
Susanne M. Hewitt
James K. Hickman
Mack R. Hicks
Charles A. Higgins, Jr.
Melanie Higgins
Todd A. Hildebran
Patricia Hilliard-Nunn
Brittany E. Hilliker
Mary Eleonore Hindery
Robert M. Hoekstra
Christine H. Hoffman
Daniel M. Hoffman
Paul E. Hoffman
Thomas O. Holland, Jr.
Deborah G. Holmes
R. L. Holtzendorf
Jeffrey W. Holzinger
Mark L. Homer
Donna J. Hood
Bill Hoppe
May Halim H. Hopper
Theresa A. Horton
Susan J. Horwitz
Candice M. Hough
Dorinda R. Howe
Shih-Wen Huang
Bennett J. Hudson
Timothy S. Huebner
Edward J. Hughes, Jr.
Johnny N. Humphrey III
William T. Hunt, Jr.
David M. Hurner
Jerry E. Hurst, Jr.
Kathryn S. Hutchinson
Ramsay D. Ihns
Booter Imhof
Jeffrey A. Isaacs
William M. Ives
Nancy H. Jackson
Newton C. Jackson
David D. Jaffee
Joel K. Jager
David G. Jahosky, Jr.
David E. Jakopac
Richard K. Janka
James E. Jardon II
George R. Jarrell
Katharine M. Jastrzembski
Michael D. Jimenez
Jeffrey H. Johns
Bruce P. Johnson
David R. Johnson
David W. Johnson
Douglas W. Johnson
Nancy C. Johnson
Steven P. Johnson
Ann S. Johnston
Hilary L. Johnston
Clifford L. Jolliff
Bruce W. Jolly
David S. Jones
Karen N. Jones
Patricia P. H. and Frederick W. Jones
Roger D. Jones
Serge F. Jorden
Sunil N. Joshi
Douglas A. Joy
Melvin A. Kahn
Shari Y. Kahn
James S. Kalamaras
Lesa O. Kaleel
Robert P. Kalmey
Clinton N. Kaminis
Philip B. Kane
Sahie Kang
Andrew J. Kanninen
Konstantinos Kapparis
Arthur Karst
David A. and Catherine R. Kasriel
Alan R. and Linde Katritzky
Frank H. Katz
Hanna Katz
Terrie S. and Bryan S. Katz
John J. Kaufmann
Herbert J. Kay
Jeanine J. Keating
Susan P. Keen
George R. Keller, Jr.
David F. Kelley
Lawrence D. and Doris T. Kelley
Timothy F. Kelly
Deborah Joan Kemp
Todd Kennedy
Matthew T. Kenny III
Heather L. Kent
Daniel E. Kerby
Dale R. Ketcham
Ishrat M. Khan
David L. Kian
Blake T. King
Pamela C. King
Patrice E. King
William J. King
William M. Kinser
Brian K. Kissinger
P. Gary Klukken
Stephen S. Knight
Marshall L. Knudson
Pastor and Mrs. Klaus O.R. Koch
Gary Koenig
Gerald G. Kohlhagen
Michael M. Kouremetis
Juliette M. Koves
Lee A. Kraftchick
Mikel J. Krasts
Jerome T. Kresse
John S. Krigbaum
Deno J. Krillies
Steven J. Kruse
John M. Kuldau and Christiana Leonard
Neil S. Kunzler
Lawrence L. Kupper
Lucyna Lagod
Sandra A. Laipis
Paula N. Lamb
William H. Lamb, Jr.
Karen M. Lambright
Eleanor E. Landers Bashaw
Richard G. Landini
Charles T. Landrum
Larry C. Larisey
Michael D. Latham
William R. Latham III
Mona S. Latman
Douglas P. Lawless
Marc A. Lawrence
Steven J. Lawrence
Fausto J. Lazo
Christine M. Lee
JaeHoon Lee
Jeffrey H. Lee
Linda S. Lee
Joseph A. Legare
Curtis S. Lege
Jody Lehman
Arthur S. Leon
Moi B. Leong
William P. Levens
Michael J. Levinson
Robert E. Lewinski
Dondra R. Lewis
Doreen I. Lewis
Marc H. Lewis
Mark O. Licht
Karl M. Liebman
Sacha E. Lindekens
Roger M. Litow
Ralph V. Little
Gerry V. Littlefield-Phipps
Daniel Llanes
Robert W. Lloyd
Norman J. Lodato, Jr.
Elizabeth S. Long
William Lopatin
Bernardo Lopez
Sylvia Lovett
Elba R. Lu
Howard C. Lucas
Shirley D. Lucey
M. Linda Lundy
Marguerite M. Lykes
Carl W. Lynn
Merrill Lynn
Linda O. MacLaren
Paul J. and Sharlene M. Magnarella
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mahler
Stanley D. Maletz
Bonnie G. Mallen
Michael S. Mallonee
Marilyn M. Mallue
Barry L. Malter
Ashley S. Mangine
Benedict S. Maniscalco
Paul M. Mann
Jennifer M. Marcoullier
John M. Marees
Susan M. Marett
Joanne Marian
James C. Markham, Jr.
Tod H. Markin
Jeffrey B. Marks
Ronald G. and Cynthia A. Marks
Stephen D. Marlowe
Jeffrey M. Marowits
Bruce E. Marti
Joaquin V. Martinez de Pinillos
Sandra Martinez
David E. Mason, Jr.
Jon D. Mason
Gregory M. Mass
Paul H. Mattson
Fern T. Maturo
Nancy L. Maull
Kurt R. Maurer
Kimberly A. Maxwell
Therese M. May
Dale A. Mays
Hugh J. Mazzei
Bradley R. McAllister
Maureen A. McCafferty
Dorothy J. McCawley
Kelley A. McCormick
Robert E. McCormick
Wayne H. McCoy
Christina Smith McCrae
Cheryl D. McCraw
Elizabeth A. McDaniel
Cyndi McDonald
Kelly K. McDonald
Mark McDonald
Suzanne S. McFarlane
Sharon C. McFee
Susan D. McGregor
Theodore L. McHattie
Bruce R. McIntyre
Amy W. McKee
Leslie K. McKeeby
Michael J. McKenzie
Thomas A. McMahon
Thomas C. McMahon
Robert W. McMillan
Timothy R. McMillan III
Ashley McMurry
Mary P. Meeks
Nick A. Megas
Steven A. Melnikoff III
Albert R. Menard III
Jack O. Mendenhall, Jr.
Oscar Menendez
Michael L. Merritt
Courtney R. Messina
April E. Metzler
Michael K. Meyer
Nick C. Miaoulis
Ben C. Michelson
Aristotle V. Michopoulos
Michael J. Miciak II
William M. Midyette III
Michael A. Mignardi
Michael J. Mihalcik
Mark J. Milazzo
Lewis D. Miller
David Miller
Joan S. Milonas
Michael J. Minerva
Matthew G. Minter
Grant E. Mitchell
Ruthmarie H. Mitsch
Suzanne Downs Molnar
Karen S. Moore
Patrick F. Moore
William J. Moore III
Kathleen D. Moosa
Banafsheh Moradi
Ann L. Morehead
Charles R. Morgan
Cheryl D. Morris
Harriet V. Morris
Steven A. Morrison
Thomas K. Morrissey
Joann Mossa
Jenny M. Motley
John J. Mousa
Dionysia V. Moustakas
Mark C. Ostroot and Danielle D. Munoz
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Munoz
David J. Munro
Gerald F. Murray
Sara J. Myers
William H. and Barbara M. Myers
Sarah E. Nagle
Diana K. Nagy
Michael A. Nares
Patricia L. Nation
Richard E. Naus
Andres Nazario, Jr.
Ada L. Neal
Joseph James Neal
Thomas M. Neer
Kathryn B. Nelson
Vanlinh T. Nguyen
Nancy L. Niblack
David M. Nickerson
Steven G. Noll
Arthur J. Nonneman
Thomas R. Nordman
A. Darlene Novak
John C. Novak
William B. Novoa
Timothy S. Nugent
Felipe M. Nunez
Kevin A. O'Koon
Heidi A. Olson
Mark R. Olson
Tatjana Omrcen
Neil D. Opdyke
William R. Opperman
Errol G. Orebaugh
Patrick J. Osborne
Steven P. Oswald
Joseph M. Ovca
J. Michael Paden
Lisa Moran Page
Maria Pantelis
Jack L. Pappas
David J. Parhalo
David L. Parks
Barbara Parsons
Mary Parsons
John W. Partin
Andrew J. Passman
Dorothy L. Pasznik
Mable C. Patterson
Mary Alice H. Pattillo
David J. Paulin
Peter V. Paulus
Melissa F. Pavone
Louis G. Payor, Jr.
Janice E. Pennington
Michael R. Perfit
Laura Lynn Perkins
Virginia B. Perkins
Jason H. Persampieri
Rafael A. Pertierra, Jr.
Roger D. Peterson
Thomas J. Peterson
William L. Petros
Howard W. Pettengill, Jr.
Timothy T. Pettit
Mr. and Mrs. Kelley W. Phillips
Ian R. Philp
John G. Pierce, Jr.
Octave K. Pierret
Matthew D. Pipes
Peter C. Pistell
Jill F. Pitchford-Dunn
Wayne A. Pitman
James B. Pittman
James C. Polkinghorn
Antoinette S. Pollard
C. Diane Poole
Kimberly D. Porter
Marc C. Portnoy
Eugena Poulin
C. Poulopoulos
Alice H. Prater
Robert M. Predny
Lane B. Prior
Richard M. Prior
Barbara S. Probert
Mark D. Protheroe
Douglas A. Proudian
Ronald L. Rabin
James C. Rachal, Jr.
William J. Rademaker
Bradford J. Radloff
Mohamad H. Rahimy
Irene L. Rathburn
Larry A. Ratliff
Aparna Raychaudhuri
Bert Reames
Marc I. Rebhun
Frank V. Reed
G. Marshall Reel, Jr.
Barbara J. Regan
Mark A. Reinsch
Jonathan Reiskind
John G. Reiss
Elizabeth J. Reitz
David H. Reitze
Frank C. Renew, Jr.
Karen P. Renshaw
Wende S. Reoch
Wilfredo Resto-Otero
George A. Reynolds
Robin L. Riblet
Gary A. Richards
Marilyn S. Richmond
Patrick J. Riggins
Teresa W. Ring
Robert M. Risch
John E. Riski, Jr.
Bevin G. Ritch
Aleksandra M. Ritums
Charles M. Robbins
Kathleen H. Roberts
Marisa N. Roberts
Renee L. Roberts
Susan E. Robertson
Virginia H. Roche
Debra E. Rode
Scott A. Rodeo
Michael H. Rokeach
Philip W. Rose
Catherine F. Rosenfeld
Everton D. Rowe
John M. Rowland
Rina Basu Roy
John D. Roy
F. William Ruegg II
Michael J. Rush
T. Frank Rush, Jr.
Jody L. Ryttenberg
Sheera A. Sadja
Barbara Saffer
George Sakash
Javier E. Sanchez
Sandra M. Sanderson
Elizabeth Meerman Santos
Craig D. Savage
William A. Scales
Joanne R. Schaffer
John M. Scheb II
Paul J. Scheck
Janet R. Schenone
Coralie R. Scherer
Dorinda Scheuermann
William J. Schilling
Jay D. Schoenbaum
Barbara S. Schryver
John Thomas Schultz
Scott H. Schultz
W. Scott Schumaker
Richard T. Schuster
Jeffrey A. Scott
Susana V. Scotto
James Lloyd Scribner
Geraldine H. Seay
William M. Seider
Christopher A. Selbach
Jeffrey L. Sellers
R. Semple
Stuart D. Serkin
T. Terrell Sessums, Sr.
Nancy Rogers Sever
Stephen A. Sevigny
James J. Shalvoy III
Mark E. Shamis
Ralph M. Shannon
Patricia P. Shapiro
Miles H. Sharpe, Jr.
Richard D. Sheardy
Bruce A. Sherman
Charles D. Sherman, Jr.
Cynthia B. Sherman
Katherine A. Shogren
Leigh H. Shultz
Michael E. Shuman
Alan R. Shuster
Susan J. Shuttleworth
Mark E. Sievers
Paul A. Sievert
Timothy L. Sifford
Pierre Sikivie
Edward M. Silbert
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Simmons
Adrianne B. Simon
David P. Sims
Fred G. Singleton (d)
Brad Sinoff
Mary A. Sisti
Courtney E. Slane
Shannon E. Slattery
Virginia W. Sloan
Marvin M. Slott
Amy W. Smalldon
Ashishkumar K. Smart
Ralph L. Smathers
Carl O. Smith
J. D. Smith, Jr.
L. Alan Smith
Margaret N. Smith
Richard R. Smith
Sally W. Smith
Stephen A. Smith
Thom A. Smith
Toba M. Smith
Gary W. Smolek
Bruce R. Snyder
David B. Snyder
David K. Snyder
Robert D. Snyder
Donald R. Songer
Daniel P. Spangler
Steven S. Spaulding
Victoria A. Spencer
Janet M. Speth
Joan H. Spiegel
Frank K. St. Charles
Samuel P. Stafford
David J. Stallard, Jr.
Angeliki Stamatogianis
William L. Stanford, Jr.
David R. Stark
Steven D. Stark
Hugh E. Starnes
Janet M. Starnes
Christopher Starratt
Barbara J. Steele
Judy C. Stefan
Sonja Stefanadis
Elliott Allan Stein
Adrienne M. Steiner
Frederick Stephens, Jr.
Rena B. Stevens
Dona J. Stewart
Emily E. Stewart
Loreen I. Stillwell
Lynn S. Stockard
Edward J. Stockhausen
Shay Stratford
James L. Street, Jr.
Jack Strom
Steven D. Sullivan
Hilary L. Surratt
Teri M. Susi
Douglas M. Sutton
Mary L. Swaine
Michael J. Swan
Daniel S. Swint
Craig L. and Marylou H. Symonds
Robert C. Szeremi
Martha H. Tanner
William D. Tanney
Dehui Tao
Ellis R. Taylor, Jr.
Shannon E. Taylor
Dana M. Tefft
Charles M. Telesco
Philip M. Tenenbaum
Fred N. Teumac
Jason S. Thackeray
Catherine S. Thigpen
Ray G. Thomas
Marilyn M. Thomas-Houston
Maurice V. W. Thompson
Steven G. Thompson
Charles B. Thorn III and Mary A. Furman
Calvin L. Timmerman
Sharon F. Tinkham
Jeffrey A. Tobias
John G. Toffaletti
Guek T. Toh
Diana Tomanek
W. Stuart Towns
Eric L. Townsend
Julia L. Towson
Harris A. Trifon
Susan L. Troyan
John B. Tucker
John W. Tucker III
Vincent J. Turiano
Robert W. Udy
Gregory N. Ullman
Kathryn C. Ustler
Marc G. Van Ness
Stephanie Van Zandt
Mark B. Varney
Richard L. Vaughan
Dianna L. Vaughn
Robert J. Vecchio
Denisse A. Viale
Rachel G. Viggiano
Leonard M. Vincenti
Teraesa S. Vinson
Gary C. Visor
Leonard J. Volk
James W. Von Atzingen
Larry Paul Vonalt
Eric A. Wagner
Mary H. Wagner
Edmund O. Walden
Gary L. Walden
Eugene E. Waldron, Jr.
Joseph M. and Betty G. Waldron
Lynn W. Walker (d)
Gerald L. Walling
Peter J. Waltbillig
Jeffrey H. Walton
Stephen R. Waltz
Mary H. Wanzenberg
Carolyn S. Ward
Wendy A. Warfield
Mary Ellen Warner
Deborah B. Wasserman Schultz
Charles L. Watkins
Kenneth R. Watson
Leslie L. Watson
P. Kelly Watson
Peter R. Waylen
C. Stanley Weaver
Jane E. Weaver
Nancy L. Webb
Mary B. Weigly
Lee T. Weinstein
Alan Weiss
Jack A. Weiss
Jurgen A. Wekerle
Carter C. Wellons
James R. Wells
Dennis W. Wester
J. Lofton Westmoreland
Norman R. Wheelock
Charles A. White
Cynthia M. White
Sandra H. Wiatrowski
Susan L. Wicker
Arthur R. Wiedinger, Jr.
Gary A. Wight
Manel M. Wijesinha
Ann J. Wild
Kim S. Wilde
Doris K. Wiles
Barbara M. Wilkes
Bruce M. Williams
Louis F. Williams, Jr.
Susan P. Williams
Clyde H. Wilson, Jr.
Jeffrey A. Wilson
Maureen F. Wilson
Charles N. Fishman and Patricia G. Wilson
William G. Winterer
Alex P. Winters
Richard E. Witmer
Andrew E. Wolf
Mary A. Wolf
Ann W. Wolkowitz
John A. Wood
Kevin W. Wood
Darren E. Woolwine
Chip Workman
Fiona M. Wright
Janel O. Wright
Candace S. Wrobel
Jean Wurtzel
John P. Yalch
David N. Yamashita
Zhijun Yang
Todd R. Yankee
Betsy F. Yegelwel
Miltiades Y. Yiasemides
Susan K. Yocius
Yolanda K. Yoder
Mason A. York
Bonita J. Young
Gregory H. Young
Hsi-Ling Yu
Lucia Y. Yu
James A. Zack
Annette Zaner
Deborah L. R. Zarajczyk
Maura A. Zeph
Joseph A. and Judith G. Zerulik
Janice E. Zilisch
Eugene M. Zimmerman
Rose and Howard J. Zoromsky
Ruth Zweidinger

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