Alumni CLASnotes Fall 2002


Recent Publications From CLAS Faculty and Alumni

At the Schoolhouse Gate

At the Schoolhouse Gate: Lessons in Intellectual Freedom
Gloria Pipkin (BA, English, 1968)
Heinemann Press

Over the last two decades, UF graduate Gloria Pipkin and ReLeah Lent have worked together to build a tradition of intellectual freedom within public schools. Their book describes their struggles as cultural workers, the pedagogical and legal strategies they employed, the resistance they encountered, the lessons they learned, and the impact they have seen on the lives of the students they serve. Their story brings vividly to life some of the most important questions in public education today: Do First Amendment protections apply to teachers and students in K-12? Who controls what we can read and write in schools? Is inquiry or indoctrination at the heart of schooling? Through two intertwined stories spanning nearly two decades, the authors address these questions. They also provide specific strategies for teachers trapped in similar circumstances. Emotionally intense, yet practical, At the Schoolhouse Gate provides for every teacher what every good teacher wants for his or her students: inspiration and elevation.
--Book Jacket

Ghost Warrior

Ghost Warrior
Lucia St. Clair Robson (BA, Sociology, 1964)
Forge Press

Lucia St. Clair Robson has a penchant for discovering little-known women in history and weaving tales around these unlikely heroines. In Ghost Warrior, Robson introduces readers to her newly discovered heroine, Lozen, a warrior woman of the Apaches and sister of Chief Victorio. Set in the last half of the 19th century, Ghost Warrior tells the tale of the revered Apache warrior and her people's struggle to defend their freedom and their homeland. As the US army prepares to move the Apache tribe to an Arizona reservation, the Apaches organize their rebellion. Lozen, aware since childhood that she has been chosen by the spirits to defend her people, forsakes marriage and motherhood to fight at the side of her brother. Her reputation as a valiant warrior, a revered shaman and a woman of stunning beauty soon grows. Well-researched and poignant, Ghost Warrior is a powerful contribution to the annals of western frontier history.
--Forge Press

Amazon Sweet Sea

Amazon Sweet Sea: Land, Life and Water at the River's Mouth
Nigel Smith, Professor and Chair of Geography
University of Texas Press

Far into the Atlantic Ocean, the outflow from the Amazon River creates a sweet sea of fresh water. At the river's mouth, a vast delta of river channels and marshes, floodplain and upland forests, open and scrub savannas, floating meadows, and mangrove swamps hosts an astonishingly diverse assemblage of plant and animal life. So rich is this biological treasure house that early European explorers deemed it inexhaustible. In this highly readable book, Nigel Smith explores how human use of the Amazon estuary's natural resources has been affected by technological change, rapid urban growth, and accelerated market integration. Avoiding alarmist rhetoric, he shows how human intervention in the estuary has actually diversified agriculture and helped save floodplain forests from wanton destruction. His findings underscore the importance of understanding the history of land use and the ecological knowledge of local people when formulating development and conservation policies. The book will be of interest to everyone concerned with the fate of tropical forests, conserving biodiversity and developing natural resources in a sustainable manner.
--Book jacket

Animal Cognition

Animal Cognition: The Mental Lives of Animals
Clive D.L. Wynne, Associate Professor of Psychology
St. Martin's Press

Following a history of animal study in the west, animal minds are probed in terms of consciousness, recognition of cause and effect, physical perception, abstract cognition, memory, reasoning, and communication and language. A large part of the book is devoted to explaining how scientists get animals to perform and how scientists arrive at conclusions from both controlled performances and from partially or uncontrolled field observation. Covering a wide range of key topics, from reasoning and communication to sensation and complex problem solving, this engaging text presents a comprehensive survey of contemporary research on animal cognition. Written for anyone with an interest in animal cognition but without a background in animal behavior, it is a clear, complete introduction to the way animals think about--and act on--the world around them.

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