Foundation News:
A Letter from Jennifer Denault

"Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education."
John F. Kennedy

TowerThe University of Florida recently took a giant leap forward in advancing the educational opportunities for the more than 46,000 students currently enrolled at UF and those to come. We reached a significant milestone by surpassing the $500 million goal for the It's Performance That Counts capital campaign, raising a total of $850,400,017. The funds will be used to support university programs, faculty, facilities, scholarships and endowment.

As President Charles Young said, "The University of Florida and everyone who supported this campaign have a lot to be proud of. The success of this campaign is clearly a sign that we are truly among the elite public universities in our support and potential."

The success of the campaign can also be attributed to the more than 1,100 volunteers who served on campaign committees for the 23 individual colleges and units of the university and in regions throughout the US. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences had a remarkably hard-working group of volunteers, supportive alumni, faculty, and friends. To all of you we owe our deepest appreciation.

CLAS had a goal at the onset of this campaign in 1996 to raise $30 million for a variety of important initiatives. In 1997 we raised that goal to $45 million to incorporate new goals and capitalize on the unprecedented success the college was experiencing. By the close of the campaign on December 31, 2000, CLAS had raised $57.8 million in pledges and gifts.

These generous gifts enabled the college to transform and grow in ways that were previously thought to be impossible. The greatly anticipated renovations of Keene-Flint Hall and Anderson Hall will be complete this June thanks to the magnificent gifts of Ken and Janet Keene. These two buildings create additional classroom space for approximately 400 students, and office space for four departments. The funding provided by Joan Ruffier for the William and Grace Dial Center for Written and Oral Communication made possible the permanent establishment of a multi-disciplinary center that will reach out across the colleges to help students prepare for the work force, by fostering competitive skills in technical writing and oral presentation. Over the course of this fundraising endeavor, more than 20 new fellowships were created and dozens of new undergraduate scholarships and term professorships in a variety of disciplines were established from the gifts of alumni and friends around the US. Kathryn Chicone Ustler's major gift will make possible the renovation and restoration of the Women's Gym, soon to be known as Ustler Hall. This will preserve a historic landmark and create a magnificent space to further teaching and research. These are only a few examples of the generosity and the commitment to CLAS that we are now experiencing; the list goes on forever.

There are so many wonderful people involved in this effort and each deserves our individual gratitude. We especially want to thank all the members who served on the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Campaign Council. Their tireless efforts saw us through to the success we are celebrating today. We will continue to work with these superb volunteers, and new ones along the way, as we set out to raise the level of support even higher so that we can ensure a brilliant future for this university and the people it serves.

--Jennifer Denault
Director of Development and Alumni Affairs

Ray Carson

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