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Steering the Flagship: Interim President Charles Young Moves UF Forward

On November 1, 1999, internationally recognized leader of higher education Dr. Charles Young formally accepted the exciting opportunity to take the University of Florida into the 21st century. Chancellor of the University of California at Los Angeles for 29 years, Dr. Young changed a regional college with an operating budget of $170 million into a world-class institution with a budget of $2 billion.

Born and raised in the rural town of Highland, California, Chuck Young worked part-time in the citrus packing houses and orange groves. His senior year in high school was divided between academics, football, and the lead in school plays. Two days after his marriage to wife, Sue, Young was off to serve in the United States Air Force during the Korean War. In 1955, he Charles Younggraduated with honors from the University of California at Riverside. He completed his master's and doctoral degrees in political science at UCLA and was quickly tapped to assist UCLA in expanding its facilities, enhancing its faculty, and establishing a quality athletic department. When his mentor, Dr. Franklin Murphy, stepped down as chancellor, Chuck Young, at the age of 36, became the youngest leader piloting any major US university.

When Dr. Young retired as chancellor of UCLA in 1997, he was the senior chief executive by tenure among his peer chancellors and presidents throughout the United States. In the words of the university's official biography, "Young's leadership was distinguished by a commitment to excellence that pervaded every facet of UCLA--from the quality of faculty and students recruited, to the research facilities constructed, to the park-like environment of the campus, to health care services, to public arts events, to the athletics program."

Chuck and Sue Young have two children, Charles and Elizabeth, and seven grandchildren. Pencil

Charles Young

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