Three From CLAS Go to Tigert

David Colburn (History), formally a CLAS associate dean and vice provost for academic affairs, was appointed interim provost and vice president for academic affairs.

"I don't think you can find a single top ten public university that doesn't have strong faculty leadership and governance, so that's what we're trying to do. President Young took an impressive lead in this area by having professors take responsibility for the Faculty Senate, which--for the first time in many years--is in the process of becoming genuinely a faculty-run body."

Sheila Dickison (Classics) was appointed associate provost for undergraduate education and will maintain her position as director of the Honors Program.

"If we want a diverse student body, it helps all of us to improve the quality of education K-12 across the state. When we do that kind of outreach with secondary schools, I think we're accomplishing a number of things. We're apprising their teachers, we're making contacts for the university, and we're indicating to those teachers what a wealth of research and other opportunities we have at UF."

Former CLAS associate dean Chuck Frazier (Sociology) was named vice provost and senior associate vice president for academic affairs.

"We have some state of the art research and teaching facilities that are as good as any in the country. But we also have some inadequate facilities that badly need large scale renovation and/or major additions. Private fundraising and research infrastructure grants from federal funding agencies and other sources will have to be part of any successful facilities upgrade plan as we move to the next level among the nation's very top research universities."

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