Former Astronomy Researcher's Bequest Will Provide Student Scholarships

Hans SchraderHans Schrader's first job out of college paid him a dollar a day, and when he went to Gator football games record attendance was around 12,000. A lot has changed since Schrader was a student at UF in the forties and fifties, but he still feels a commitment to the school where he earned his bachelor's and master's degrees, worked in the astronomy department, and met his wife. His dedication is so strong that Schrader has decided to donate $700,000 to UF.

Ruth SchraderSchrader graduated from UF with his master's degree in physics in 1953 and started working for the astronomy department in 1960 as a researcher. He helped prepare a telescope for use at the South Pole. Schrader met his wife, Ruth, at UF and the two married in 1959. She was the Director of Nursing at UF's infirmary from 1946-1970.

After Ruth's death in 1988, Schrader decided the best place to leave their savings would be with those he thought it would help the most. Their bequest will be divided between the astronomy department and the College of Nursing. "I would like to see the money go toward student scholarships," says Schrader. "There is a lot of research out there to be done, especially in the field of astronomy with the recent developments in technology. Graduate students need this money, so they can spend time researching and writing their dissertations and not have to worry about working while they're in school."

Schrader says he remembers what it was like to be struggling financially as a student. "I received some money from the government, but I also had to work. Money was scarce back then." But Schrader says he enjoyed every minute at UF and hopes today's students will have the same worthwhile learning experiences that he and his wife had. Pencil

--Allyson A. Beutke

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