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Empire Defining Duty in the Civil War

J. Matthew Gallman

The Civil War thrust Americans onto unfamiliar terrain, as two competing societies mobilized for four years of bloody conflict. More


Empire The Medieval Risk-Reward Society

A study of adventure and love in the European Middle Ages focused on the poetry of authors such as Marie de France, Chrétien de Troyes, Wolfram von Eschenbach, and Gottfried von Strassburg More


Empire Scandalous Economics: New book edited by Aida Hozić and Jacqui True

Will Hasty
Scandalous Economics builds upon the Occupy movement and other critical analysis of the Global Financial Crisis More


Empire Edmund Burke and the Conservative Logic of Empire

Daniel O'Neill (Author)

Edmund Burke, long considered modern conservatism’s founding father, is also widely believed to be an opponent of empire. More


Discourse Disciples of Flora: Gardens in History and Culture

Victoria Emma Pagán, Judith W. Page, Brigitte Weltman-Aron

Disciples of Flora: Gardens in History and Culture explores, through a variety of approaches, disciplines, and historical periods, the place and vitality of gardens as cultural objects, repositories of meaning, and sites for the construction of identity and subjectivity. More


Discourse Early Medieval Chinese Texts

Cynthia L Chennault, editor

A guide to primary sources that date from China's early medieval period (late third through sixth centuries) and to later anthologies or reference works concerning them.More


Discourse Chica Lit

Tace Hedrick

This study illuminates how discourses of Americanization, ethnicity, gender, class, and especially commodification shape the genre of “chica lit,” that is, chick lit written by Latina authors with Latina characters.More


Discourse Discourse, Politics and Women as Global Leaders

Edited by John Wilson and Diana Boxer

Discourse, Politics and Women as Global Leaders focuses on the discourse practices of women in global political leadership.More


China Sean Macdonald

Animation in China: History, Aesthetics, Media

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

By the turn of the 21st century, animation production has grown to thousands of hours a year in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). More


Cave of the Nymphs Robert S. Wagman

The Cave of the Nymphs at Pharsalus. Studies on a Thessalian Country Shrine

Department of Classics

Cave of the Nymphs at Pharsalus is the first book-length study of one of Greece’s most cited nymph sanctuaries. More

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A Chemical Bond

UF alum Joseph Hernandez shows $10 million worth of appreciation.

By David Finnerty

A son of Cuban immigrants with three University of Florida degrees has invested $10 million in his alma mater to enhance UF’s chemistry department so future chemists and other alumni will be better positioned to explore solutions to society’s greatest challenges.

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Gravitational waves detected 100 years after Einstein’s prediction

Steve Orlando

LIGO opens new window on the universe with observation of gravitational waves from colliding black holes


For the first time, scientists have observed ripples in the fabric of spacetime called gravitational waves, arriving at the earth from a cataclysmic event in the distant universe. This confirms a major prediction of Albert Einstein’s 1915 general theory of relativity and opens an unprecedented new window onto the cosmos.

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NEH Awards Professor Trysh Travis


The National Endowment for the Humanities announced its annual research fellowships on Dec. 14, 2015, and Professor Trysh Travis of the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research was on the list. She has received an NEH research fellowship for calendar year 2017 for a new book project — Reading Matters: Books, Bookmen, and the Creation of Mid-Century American Liberalism, 1930-1980.

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Hundreds turn out to leave their mark on new chemistry building

September 15, 2015

Almost a year after the groundbreaking ceremony for the University of Florida's new chemistry/chemical biology at the corner of University Avenue and Buckman Drive, hundreds gathered to leave their signature on a one-ton beam that will be placed on the tallest portion of the building. Read More.

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